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10 months ago

what would you put in your own museum?

332 |


10 months ago

It’s so funny how just a few episodes ago, Ren told Mumbo that no one blows up each others bases when Mumbo asked him to blow up his base, and now they are riding giant mechanical exploding butterflies that are aimed right at grian and scars bases…

1.5K |


10 months ago

hermit advice on what to do if you're not happy with your build: Grian: sleep on it! Keralis: add some more details! Mumbo: KABOOM!!!

463 |


10 months ago

“Bold of you to assume we’re mature adults. You look like a sniffer butt” -Grian “I do not look like a sniffer butt” -Doc “Yeah you kinda do” -Ren

794 |


10 months ago

If I had a nickle for everytime Grian was in war with Doc while being a hippie, I would have 2 nickles. Which isn't a lot, but it is weird that it happened twice.

559 |


10 months ago

Looks at the cacophony machine Looks at Tango’s discovery of music disk range setting Lets hope those two things never collide.

175 |


10 months ago

"Scar what are you wearing? This is how AFTON died!" Reminder that scar now has a garage of his creeper costumes that he now considers animatronics. distant phone guy ~animatronics that double as suits~

105 |


10 months ago

"Your incompetence is your strongest power!" exclaims Doc. "eeeyup" agrees Mumbo, who proved his very competence by fixing the Bottercup in-field while the Goat Mech was slowly walking towards it.

259 |


10 months ago

Incredible to think that, at least audibly depending on pronunciation, a member of the Recap team is now a living feature of Cub's museum.

158 |


10 months ago

I see Lyarrah heard "quartz" and not "squartz". Mumbo 1, Scar 0.

338 |


10 months ago

"Their incompetence is their greatest strenght" will forevermore be the greatest quote.

63 |


10 months ago

I still can't believe Doc let Ren make him a bum sniffing sniffer bum.

63 |


10 months ago

I love how the buttercups were so scared of Doc because he is so competent and is most likely able to counteract anything they can think of but gets completely bamboozled by the complete incompetence that is grian, scar, and Mumbo.

16 |


10 months ago

Watching the bot battle was one of the funniest things I’ve seen, and the hardest I have laughed in awhile

116 |


10 months ago

Being able to troubleshoot in the middle of the battle shows just how good the IT department of the buttercups is.

84 |


10 months ago

4:20 We have come full circle, Pix put artifacts in his museum and now he is the one being put in the museum! (technically)

21 |


10 months ago

season 9 really is just reimagining all the fun from season 6

151 |


10 months ago

"Scar, no, that's how Afton died" in the monotone voice is KILLING ME RIGHT NOW

13 |


10 months ago

Bold of doc to take a redstone stance in a war that started with the other side breaking his redstone lol

35 |


10 months ago

The most exciting news of the week is that the Buttercups are planning to build a big tent to recruit more members! If that happens... it might FINALLY be time for Doc to blow into the GOAT horn and summon the old band for one... last... job! NHO 4 life.

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