woho!! song is written, recorded and produced by me, marie. video is directed by laura lynn petrick
you can listen to the song here too! :'))
thank you to all the people who slid into my dms and made this video happen!!

Empty bottles everywhere
People sleeping on the stairs
Got something stuck in my hair
No idea how it got there
This is the morning after
The house is such a disaster
But there’s someone outside
That caught my eye
There’s a dead girl in the pool x 3
I don’t know what to do
I’m the dead girl in the pool x 3
I can’t stop staring at my face
My summer tan has begun to fade
Is this real or is this fake
A creepy dream I can’t escape
This is the morning after
My mind is such a disaster
But there’s someone outside
That caught my eye
There’s a dead girl in the pool x 3
I don’t know what to do
I’m the dead girl in the pool x 3
I’m the dead girl in the pool
What the fuck is going on
I’m the dead girl in the pool
This is the morning after
My mind is such a disaster
But there is someone outside
That caught my eye
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Marie Ulven Ringheim is a Norwegian singer-songwriter and record producer, known for her indie pop project Girl in Red. Her early EPs Chapter 1 (2018) and Chapter 2 (2019) were recorded in her bedroom and feature songs about romance and mental health. Released through AWAL, her debut studio album If I Could Make It Go Quiet (2021), was a critical and commercial success, and won three Norwegian Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year.

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Carmela K. G.

everyone is talking about how funny this video is but no one is getting how deep it is
maybe im wrong but i think this song is about depersonalization
depesonalization is the state in which an individual feels that either he himself or the outside world is unreal, like you are looking at yourself from outside your body
i relate to this song a lot, she explains this feeling though a very accurate metaphor
it is like when you are in a party and everyone is having fun and suddlendly it ends, the music stops and everything is quiet, everyone is asleep and at that moment you are alone with yourself and everything starts to hit you and you start to wonder if everything that happened was real, your insecurities start to blow your mind
i lived this a lot of times in my life and i dont know how to explain this in the right way to you but this song is much deeper that people thinks
this song is amazing 💗

3 years ago - 11K Likes

sassy fangirl

I think this song actually has a deeper meaning. Rather than just being literally dead, it talks about being metaphorically dead.

Being attracted to girls just separates you from society, like how dead people are separated from the living. Society likes normalized things. In their world, girls should be attracted to boys.

Being the "dead girl in the pool" means being detached from society, and the fact that all the other people are just partying and drinking means that no one cares. Society wants you to live the life they set out for you, otherwise, they don't really care.

(No one will probably see this comment anyway)

7 months ago - 534 Likes


2:03 I love how she wakes up and the first thing she does is sip her beer.

3 years ago - 3.7K Likes


you’ve heard of girl in red
but have ya heard girl is ded

2 years ago - 4.9K Likes


I don't usually comment on youtube videos, but this, man, this. It's amazing. I wish we had more music like this

3 years ago - 805 Likes


me playing my girl in red playlist:
we fell in love in october:
my dad: that’s a good song i like it
dead girl in the pool:
my dad:

2 years ago - 3.8K Likes


me when I was 5 floating in the pool to see if anyone noticed

3 years ago - 20K Likes

Natsai J.G

I said this before, but really, thank you for existing. Your music is amazing.

3 years ago - 576 Likes

manic pixie dream girl

this masterpiece cleared my skin, cured my depression and gave me a reason to live

3 years ago - 303 Likes


I feel sorry for the people who have never listened to girl in in red

2 years ago - 286 Likes


for me the song takes on an even deeper meaning, a few years ago I was hanging out with horrible people, and I was having alcohol and drug problems, and I kept partying and drinking alcohol, until during a party at the house of people I barely knew surrounded by strangers, completely drunk and high I began to think that I was dying, I was killing myself slowly, I was practically a zombie and probably if I had died at that moment no one would have noticed, at every party after that I began to imagine my lifeless body completely ignored by everyone, until at a party I passed out for two hours and no one helped me, when I woke up and understood what had happened I decided to leave that lifestyle, the lyrics of this song reminds me of that period of my life and reminds me of my story, and every time I hear it I cry

3 months ago - 38 Likes


Me: I swear im not addicted in this song


2 years ago - 787 Likes

Lex 666

Me: there's a dead girl in a pool!

oh wait, that's me.

3 years ago - 6.3K Likes


it’s only been a week of listening to girl in red and i know every lyric to every song. her music is different and every song is a MOOD. it would be hella amazing to see her live.
she’s definitely going to hit the charts

3 years ago - 71 Likes

Mallory Carvalho

dont know if this song is a metaphor or just facts but i love it

3 years ago - 206 Likes

Brooklyn Rae

Everyone: “Billie Eilish is the best music artist”
Me: have you ever heard of... girl in red

2 years ago - 2.2K Likes

Ghost scouts

You never get sick of girl in red because you feel something knew every time you listen to a song

1 year ago - 38 Likes

Gabriele Avila

Me in the swim lessons :
I'm the dead girl in the pool
I'm the dead girl in the pool
I'm the dead girl in the pool
I'm the dead girl in the pool

2 years ago - 243 Likes

Amadeusz Ziemięcki

Girl in Red: * wakes up again and again *
Girl in Red: ah shit, here we go again

3 years ago - 8.3K Likes


girl in red: sings about seeing her drowned corpse and being traumatized

3 years ago - 253 Likes