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a Patrick Watson playlist because they're underrated
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161,176 Views • May 1, 2022 • Click to toggle off description
I've accidentally fallen asleep to this dude's voice more than I'd like to admit

a Patrick Watson playlist because they're underrated

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Views : 161,176
Genre: People & Blogs
Date of upload: May 1, 2022 ^^

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0:00 Slip Into Your Skin
3:38 Sit Down Beside Me 8:10 The Great Escape 11:17 Je te laisserai des mots 13:59 Big bird in a small cage 18:01 Man like you 22:35 Lighthouse 27:21 Brigitte's theme
32:02 The quiet crowd
36:00 Know that you know
43:18 Wooden arms
46:30 Fireweed
50:08 Shame
57:37 Adventures in Your Own Backyard
1:02:36 Night fall
1:08:00 The storm



nice to know more people my age are starting to listen to him. He has been my number 1 artist for more than a year now. Went to his concert, only old people were there. He is even more amazing live! a true artist



13 years later and he's still my favourite artist.



Im french and i LOVE working on this playlist.. this make me feel so comfortable thx so much!



this entire video is something i like to vibe to while drawing, thank you



Sincerly this playlist relieves my anxiety and makes me feel more calm, it's the best feeling ever :)



Yes truly underated compared to the garbage that's out there. I'm a 57 year old male and have been listening to his songs for years. 3 years ago my 2 children (19 and 24), with their partners and I saw him in concert with full orchestra. My son was actually disappointed that they didn't play The Great Escape. Was still great a concert and great evening with kids. BTW these are all excellent songs.



He speaks right to the heart...such healing process to listen to his music and songs❤



This music Is not for everyone, Is for those who enjoy life the way It comes, those who fight with love,
those who still having a kind soul conciencia.peace and love



desde hoy, me encanta patrick watson



Es hermoso sumergirse en el arte de sus melodías.



me, trusting your music taste: oh WOW, how have I never heard this guy before?



Thank you very much for this amazing video <3



You have excellent taste in music. Definitely following you to discover more amazing artists.



thank you for this playlist
hope you are having a great day today B)



he is so artistic



love the playlist, it sums up what i love about patrick. For the newcomers i recommend "words into the fire". Amazing track, with profound lyrics.



Great playlist, perfect for reading
I love music like this



dude, i cannot begin to explain how much i love him. the way i was squealing and singing through that who,e thing HELP! MIGHT BE GOING TO HIS CONCERT IN NZ BTWWW!!



If perfection was a playlist❤️


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