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DOOM: The Dark Ages | Official Trailer 1 (4K) | Coming 2025
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4,315,971 Views • Jun 9, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
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Date of upload: Jun 9, 2024 ^^

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2 days ago

His shield is a chain shield. This might be the first time I have ever witnessed anything outwarhammering Warhammer.

2.8K |


4 days ago

“Behold…our most ancient and sacred weapon. The Super Shotgun.”

11K |


1 day ago

Have you ever noticed how every part of Doomguy is fully armored... ...except his friggin' biceps.

445 |


1 day ago

1:45 Doom Guy just Godzillaed that giant Demon

182 |


3 days ago

Devs: How do we make doom guy even cooler? Some employee: Give him a fucking cape

2.1K |


5 days ago

“Doomguy would never use a shield!” sees the blades come out “Ah.”

46K |


1 day ago

Doom guy normally: RIP AND TEAR Doom guy in dark ages: SQUASH AND BLEND

112 |


1 day ago

Never watched a game trailer and then went to the gym so fast

114 |


5 days ago

who the fuck was the guy who thought of a gun that uses the SKULLS of the demons you kill as AMMO. holy shit this is the most badass the slayer has ever been

35K |


2 days ago

Imagine going back in time and showing this to someone in 1993 and telling them this is what Doom will look like in the future.

1.8K |


1 day ago

That cyborg demon dragon badass. One of the most unique dragon designs I've ever seen. Hats off to whoever made it at ID.

109 |


1 day ago

It's the 17th time I'm watching the trailer at work. I'm not getting a promotion this year apparently.

347 |


5 days ago


53K |


5 days ago

A giant robot and a fucking dragon. What more to say? Edit: Why is everyone just fighting man?

36K |


1 day ago

Arthur may wield the ultimate weapon known as the Excalibur...Doomguy IS The Excalibur himself

32 |


1 day ago

His shield is like if kung Lao hat combined with captain America shield tough

16 |


5 days ago

Doomguy has so much testosterone that his cape is made of his back hair.

5K |


5 days ago

Gamers "What else could the developers come up with in doom?" Doom devs "Have you ever wanted to ride a fucking dragon?"

18K |


1 day ago

They completely redefined DOOM with DOOM 2016, then they expanded on that in DOOM Eternal, and now they're redefining it again, somehow even more badass than last time, and everything seems so purposeful, especially with the projectiles, it's taking what made the original games so good, and looking at in in a new way, absolutely fantastic

15 |


1 day ago

“Thou Shall Ripeth And Teareth.”

45 |

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