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1 month ago

Devs: How do we make doom guy even cooler? Some employee: Give him a fucking cape

11K |


1 month ago

“Doomguy would never use a shield!” sees the blades come out “Ah.”

51K |


2 weeks ago

Captain America: I can throw my shield and it can bounce off walls. Doomguy: That’s Cute.

1K |


2 weeks ago

Everyone: Shields are for defense. Doomslayer: Hold my shotgun.

457 |


1 month ago

His shield is a chain shield. This might be the first time I have ever witnessed anything outwarhammering Warhammer.

6.7K |


1 month ago

“Behold…our most ancient and sacred weapon. The Super Shotgun.”

17K |


1 week ago

My computer grew chest hairs just playing the trailer

256 |


1 week ago

I love how his shield isn't only to protect himself, it's an excuse to implement a fucking medieval chainsaw that can be thrown like Captain America's shield that puts even more fear into the demons. Doomguy tactics frfr

401 |


1 month ago

who the fuck was the guy who thought of a gun that uses the SKULLS of the demons you kill as AMMO. holy shit this is the most badass the slayer has ever been

39K |


1 month ago

-a cape -a chainsaw shield -a flail -A FUCKING GUNDAM -DRAGONS???? we are so back

2.6K |


1 week ago

Kratos: Nice Cloak. Doom guy: Thanks.

103 |


1 week ago

1:46 nahh the dragon doing the Godzilla finisher on the demon is crazy

43 |


1 month ago


60K |


1 month ago

Gamers "What else could the developers come up with in doom?" Doom devs "Have you ever wanted to ride a fucking dragon?"

19K |


2 weeks ago

0:55 That riff 🔥

44 |


1 week ago

Remember: Demon can be considered an offensive term! Please refer to them as mortally challenged.

77 |


1 month ago

Kratos: Fur coat? Doomguy: Fur coat.

2.9K |


3 weeks ago

Finally, a new gym playlist with a free game as a bonus

2.4K |


2 weeks ago

"Every VHS copy of Army of Darkness is personalized" Doomguy's copy:

48 |


4 days ago

Other Gaming Companies: fOr mOdErN aUdIeNce Meanwhile Doom:

25 |

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