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DOOM: The Dark Ages | Official Trailer 1 (4K) | Coming 2025
 60 FPS video
5,477,988 Views • Jun 9, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
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Date of upload: Jun 9, 2024 ^^

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1 month ago


60K |


1 month ago

- Chainsaw shield - A new parry System - A Flail or Morning Star - A Van Helsing inspired Stake Shooter - A Demon Mount - A Mech Titan - A Fur Cloak All shown in less than 2 minutes. What else could we have asked for EDIT: why are so many people gravitating towards so much negativity? This was easily the best trailer during the showcase. You can’t tell me that that there isn’t Van Helsing vibes coming from that Stake shooter. YES Painkiller exists, good grief lol,

12K |


1 week ago

My computer grew chest hairs just playing the trailer

255 |


2 weeks ago

Captain America: I can throw my shield and it can bounce off walls. Doomguy: That’s Cute.

1K |


1 month ago

“Behold…our most ancient and sacred weapon. The Super Shotgun.”

17K |


1 month ago

“Doomguy would never use a shield!” sees the blades come out “Ah.”

51K |


1 week ago

1:46 nahh the dragon doing the Godzilla finisher on the demon is crazy

43 |


2 weeks ago

Everyone: Shields are for defense. Doomslayer: Hold my shotgun.

455 |


1 month ago

who the fuck was the guy who thought of a gun that uses the SKULLS of the demons you kill as AMMO. holy shit this is the most badass the slayer has ever been

39K |


1 month ago

Devs: How do we make doom guy even cooler? Some employee: Give him a fucking cape

11K |


1 week ago

Kratos: Nice Cloak. Doom guy: Thanks.

102 |


1 week ago

I love how his shield isn't only to protect himself, it's an excuse to implement a fucking medieval chainsaw that can be thrown like Captain America's shield that puts even more fear into the demons. Doomguy tactics frfr

401 |


1 month ago

His shield is a chain shield. This might be the first time I have ever witnessed anything outwarhammering Warhammer.

6.7K |


1 month ago

This is how you know the devs are proud of their game when the trailer is literally 99% gameplay. Edit: okay correction is that about 50-60% is gameplay but all of the stuff isn’t pre-rendered is more along the lines of what I meant. Apologies🙏🏼

1.4K |


2 weeks ago

0:55 That riff 🔥

44 |


4 days ago

Other Gaming Companies: fOr mOdErN aUdIeNce Meanwhile Doom:

24 |


1 month ago

Imagine going back in time and showing this to someone in 1993 and telling them this is what Doom will look like in the future.

3.4K |


1 month ago

-a cape -a chainsaw shield -a flail -A FUCKING GUNDAM -DRAGONS???? we are so back

2.6K |


2 weeks ago

"Every VHS copy of Army of Darkness is personalized" Doomguy's copy:

47 |


1 week ago

Remember: Demon can be considered an offensive term! Please refer to them as mortally challenged.

76 |

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