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Perfect Day (piano Komorebi version) out now! #winwenders #oscars #loureed #perfectdays MTelus concerts recap. I just wanted to thank Montreal and the amazing artists that came on stage! HELLO Washington DC, Cambridge & New York. Coming your way soon. Tickets at Patrick Watson - Ode to Vivian (Rework) in collaboration with ​@yoannbourgeoisartcompany! Merci Paris pour les concerts au @cafedeladanse 🇫🇷 1/3 sold out show with the @OrchestresymphoniquedeQuebec and @JulesBuckleyMusic . #patrickwatson How to make your own studio. Tip #2: Choose your software😳 #patrickwatson #howto #2023 How to make your own studio. Part 1 - Choose a computer. 💻 #howto #patrickwatson #2023 Montana and I are talking about how to make your own studio! ❤️ #howto #patrickwatson #2023 I went to the doctor this morning. I can sing again! 🙂 I made a video on how to write lyrics. I hope it’s helpful for you. Xxx #lyrics #howto Thank you for being patient for the shows. In the meantime, I made 5 tutorials and hope you ❤️ it! Happy Friday everyone. The last tutorial from my serie is for Lighthouse. Enjoooooy xxx It’s Friday and I have a new tutorial and music sheet for you: Ode to Vivian rework. Enjoy ❤️ We made this little performance in the middle of the desert for you all to enjoy! 🌵 Piano tutorial (already out) and the digital sheet music for ‘Je te laisserai des mots’ are out now! LA! Performing tomorrow at Regent Theater DTLA. See you there! 🫶 Piano tutorial # 2, The Great Escape is out now. It’s an easy one, I promise. Xxx Can you tell I’m a huge fan of the Better in the Shade artwork by Elisabeth Perrault? USA TOUR 🇺🇸 coming in a city near you in a couple days… Tickets at You can learn how to play "Lost With You" via this tutorial and its digital sheet music now. ❤️ April 21, 2022 chat with me at 8:45AM on Friday for the youtube premiere of the video for Better in the Shade ❤️ our new single Height of the Feeling co-written and sung with @laforceband