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Patrick Watson
5 days ago - 127 likes

This is a song I recorded for the film Perfect Days by Wim Wenders which received an Oscar nomination. It is a special track for me. One reason being that it is an honour to participate in a Wim Wenders’ film. It’s an incredibly touching story, film and cast. When I saw Perfect Days, I was intensely proud to be part of such a beautiful project. This film is filled with little pockets of hope that you get to keep with you when you leave the theatre, which is hard to come by these days. The other thing about the track is it is a cover of one of my favourite songs, Perfect Day by @LouReed. So, I really took it to heart to try to make something humble and powerful. I think this film is a must watch especially if you love Japan. I feel it offers a beautiful window into the small incredible details of that magical place. I highly recommend you watch it. Congratulations to the film for its @Oscars nomination and thank you so much to Wim Wenders and the entire team, especially to my longtime friend Keiko who thought of me for this. Anyway, it’s out today!


Patrick Watson
2 months ago - 196 likes

Hi everybody, I haven't played in Montreal in a long time and am happy to announce these dates. There's two types of shows, one orchestral (with @filmharmonique) and one just us, they're different so you get to choose. And for my Toronto friends since we've never brought the orchestral show to Toronto we thought it would be fun. It's a pretty amazing experience. The arrangements are incredible and there's nothing like watching such a large group of musicians making beautiful sounds together. I wouldn't miss it if I were you. Hope to see you there.

With the wonderful @laforceband @mishka.stein @olivierfairfield @greenlinemtl

Tickets here:

Patrick Watson
3 months ago - 8 likes

Hi here’s a little video we made in collaboration with @yoannbourgeoisartcompany. Inspired by the incrdiblle dance performances we did together last year. We had so much fun that we thought it would be a great idea to make a video. Also a huge thank you to Karl Lemieux who is a master of very lovely analog film textures to give add to this wonderful dreaminiess of it.

Thanks to the amazing dancers in this video: @____marielaura @claire.lamothe @buddholi @mr.kriss

Watch it here!

Patrick Watson
5 months ago - 16 likes

Merci Paris pour cette semaine au @cafedeladanse ! 🇫🇷❤️

Patrick Watson
5 months ago - 167 likes

New show booked in Ottawa on November 14 at Bronson Centre Theatre!
See you there…

Patrick Watson
5 months ago - 39 likes

I made this little video with @CharlotteCardin for the song ‘Next To You’ I co-wrote with her ❤️

Patrick Watson
6 months ago - 110 likes

Les concerts au ​⁠@cafedeladanse à Paris sont complets !

Il reste des billets pour ceux à Louvain et Genève. ❤️

Louvain, BE:…

Genève, CH:…

Patrick Watson
6 months ago - 27 likes

Nothing I like more than throwing a surprise performance and having such a warm crowd show up. Merci Montréal! ❤️

Patrick Watson
6 months ago - 579 likes

Hey everyone! The Songbook Vol. 1 is back in stock. Thank you for your patience, manufacturing takes forever nowadays.

Get your copy here:

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Patrick Watson
8 months ago - 357 likes

¡Hola! Looking forward to coming back to Mexico in November. 🇲🇽
Tickets here: