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Hermitcraft 9: Episode 37 - BACK TO THE BASE
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1,830,856 Views • May 11, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
Hermitcraft 9: Episode 37 - BACK TO THE BASE.. The time has come.. to find a loophole

#minecraft #hermitcraft
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Views : 1,830,856
Genre: Gaming
Date of upload: May 11, 2023 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 year ago

You can hear the spike in fear in Grian's voice when he realises Doc is a man who built an orbital strike cannon

8.6K |


1 year ago

Favorite part of this is from Docs perspective " Grian didn't even finish the back of the pile"

10K |


1 year ago

Doc: the worst thing that could happen is something blowing up here. Grian: That would be awful. Internal panic and sweating

5.9K |


1 year ago

Grian is the pinnacle of adhd... requiring a threat of blown up base to finish the back

3.1K |


1 year ago

Doc’s contraption was “scar proof”, and “grian proof” but it was not “scar AND grian proof”😂

4.9K |


1 year ago

I find it hilarious that in everyone else’s videos slime is green and friendly, but in Doc’s perspective it’s bloody red and spooky, meaning that their “we’re sorry” sign suddenly seemed really threatening

2.5K |


1 year ago

In doc's perspective he was genuinely happy (albeit confused) that they asked for a base tour

715 |


1 year ago

Grain just stands there like a tired parent. He doesn't even run from the TNT until he can get out a "Oh... Scar."

1.5K |


1 year ago

I love Grian and Scar’s first instincts to try to pacify Doc is just to constantly compliment him.

6.6K |


1 year ago

Mumbo: makes a secure vault door with secret access Grian, inside: oh there's a door!

3.2K |


1 year ago

I just want to say it's so wonderful that the Closed Captions are labeled both in color but also to start with who is speaking. Being able to watch the video in the same fashion as others even if you can't hear is genuinely so sweet.

1.9K |


1 year ago

Grian: Haven’t I suffered enough? Gem: No no, not even close

754 |


1 year ago

Hearing "is my portal gone?" In the SAME TONE AS "is the moon big?" Is killing me from the inside

3K |


1 year ago

I love how Scar and Grian's Survival plan was "Flatter Doc enough and he may not kill us" And It kind of worked 😂

5.5K |


11 months ago

I love when Gem and Impulse just show up, shaking their heads at 9:55,. They look like Grian's disappointed parents

621 |


1 year ago

this is probably one of the most stress inducing episodes i’ve seen in a while

488 |


1 year ago

Impulse and gem are the disappointed parents that know you can do better. While scar is the brother that is supportive but destructive

1.1K |


1 year ago

The fear in their voices when doc showed them the anvil launcher was hilarious

707 |


1 year ago

love how the 'we're sorry' is a lovely green for scar and grian, but blood red for doc cause of the tomato re-skin xD

240 |


1 year ago

3:40 doc: "the worst thing that could happen would be something blowing up here" grain: "that would be awful😐

164 |

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