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Hermitcraft 10: Episode 4 - THE STARTER HOUSE!
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2,470,386 Views • Feb 17, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Hermitcraft 10 episode 4 Grian finishes the exterior of the starter house, but gets distracted by joel...

Hope you enjoy!

#hermitcraft #minecraft
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Views : 2,470,386
Genre: Gaming
Date of upload: Feb 17, 2024 ^^

Rating : 4.986 (463/135,350 LTDR)
RYD date created : 2024-05-25T08:33:25.567538Z
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


3 months ago

Intro Music seems to be super loud at the start, weird because It's not in the editing. I think the issue was more that iskall was quiet. I will adjust in next episode - my apologies!

7.6K |


3 months ago

To infinity and beyond! 😂

17K |


3 months ago

I think the best part was seeing Keralis flying off screen. Well done you two, well done. I'll be more cautious next time!

10K |


3 months ago

A starter house? *puts chimney up* PERRY THE STARTER HOUSE

3K |


3 months ago

joel has become one of those classic Cartoon Villains' constantly setting traps only for them to backfire

2.2K |


3 months ago

Statistically most fishers quit before they win big

22K |


3 months ago

I love that in Bdubs' videos hes SO paranoid about the dead team, but every dead team pov I watch they're like "we can't kill Bdubs, I love that guy"

5K |


3 months ago

"Aint no mountain high enough, to keep me with you grian" - that horse, probably

1.8K |


3 months ago

25:32 Grian: Obliterate! Kills 3 people Also Grian: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

766 |


3 months ago

At 26:09 watching Keralis getting flung into the air as XB is completely annihilated is immensely funny.

3K |


3 months ago

Copper and teal house "A platypus palette?" Adds brown chimney "Perry the Platypus palette?!"

3.4K |


3 months ago

Its funny seeing Grian just walking to bdubs house to get building inspiration, meanwhile the saplings have grown and bdubs is paranoid someone was placing traps lol

1.3K |


3 months ago

9:24 "You wanna help me kill someone, Grian?" No Hesitation "Say no more, who is it?"

460 |


3 months ago

26:09 - There's something about Karalis being blasted away with that face that makes me laugh out loud 😂

450 |


3 months ago

I love Grians prank moto. " We prank hard, but we clean up harder." And also, if you do a destructive plank and you don't clean up, it's just grieifing.

2.3K |


3 months ago

I can't stop cry-laughing over Keralis just flying off in the slow-mo take. He's making it to season 11 with this blast. I also appreciate how y'all will commit to these huge things but are always willing to be there to repair and replace anything, it makes this so much more fun to watch knowing no one goes away with a crater for a base and no armour/tools, so everyone can have a laugh, and it's a great example. <3

627 |


3 months ago

I love how every episode he says hes gonna do something, does it half way, then gets distracted by killing other hermits

254 |


3 months ago

Everyone's talking about hypno and keralis but no one's mentioned the horse who went on an ENTIRE adventure in the span of 4 mins. Shoutout to him my guys

1.8K |


3 months ago

Seeing Keralis flying across the screen at 26:08 made me laugh harder than I should've

1.1K |


3 months ago

your horse actually demonstrated a very interesting thing with every mobs programming which tells them to prefer higher spaces, i assume to keep them out of caves and let them get out if they can, but this leads to funny things like this and seeing tons of animals high up while none are below

169 |

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