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Lamborghini Vs World's Largest Shredder
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175,595,766 Views • Sep 2, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
who let me do this lol
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Views : 175,595,766
Genre: Entertainment
Date of upload: Sep 2, 2023 ^^

Rating : 4.859 (191,451/5,224,556 LTDR)
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


7 months ago

I'm so happy for the guy who won the lambo. He fully deserved it!!!💯

4.3K |


7 months ago

never thought I’d be spending my free time watching a youtuber shred a lambo but here we are

20K |


11 days ago

Jimmy is doing anything we wished we could do

32 |


7 months ago

Other channels would have spread this into 6 videos. This guy goes all in every time.

2.6K |


7 months ago

Mr. Beast is such a good person EGORIC !!!

61 |


2 weeks ago

Nah at this point nothings impossible for Mr.Beast💯💯

63 |


3 weeks ago

Hello Mr Beast 🎉

7 |


7 months ago

I'm really happy that Adam was able to win that Lamborghini, he earned it. He has some building skills, he did great!

1.3K |


12 days ago

Anyone else notice the lambo they crushed didn’t have a motor or transmission

9 |


6 days ago

Je garde l'espoir qu'un jour, je vais participer à une des émissions de MrBeast.💪💪

4 |


7 months ago

Mr. Beast is so such a good person. EGORIK!!! ❤

487 |


7 months ago

Jimmy Neutron never disappoints

4.3K |


10 days ago

Oh my god He just crushed the Lambo!!😮😮

3 |


4 weeks ago

Интересно, а можно с кредиткой мистера биста просто купить новую ламборгини, ане защищать ту что он даёт🤔

41 |


7 months ago

The videos just keep getting better🤯👏🏼

3.9K |


7 months ago

Adam is very smart he did exactly what he intended and applied every bit of science he could to it absolutely insane

958 |


1 month ago

Cara, só o dinheiro que valia essa lamborguine mesmo quebrada já arrumava a minha vida😢

29 |


9 hours ago

It hurt me to watch you shred that Lamborghini!



7 months ago

Mr.Beast is so such a good person.EGORIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

168 |


7 months ago

Mr. Beast is so such a good person. EGORIC🙏

82 |

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