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Face Your Biggest Fear To Win $800,000
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140,854,486 Views β€’ Feb 10, 2024 β€’ Click to toggle off description
I can’t believe how far he got
Face your fears and start your business on Shopify right now πŸ‘‰
Update: Nolan won the challenge, but you can still buy a MrBeast Football at

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Views : 140,854,486
Genre: Entertainment
Date of upload: Feb 10, 2024 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 weeks ago

The new Feastables bars will take some time to hit shelves! Should be in every Walmart right now and give the other retailers some time to get the new product ❀

83K |


2 weeks ago

Mack's determination and resilience are truly inspiring. He deserves all the success that comes his way.

42K |

2 days ago

You can tell Jimmy gets sad when contestants lose.
So wholesome.

2.9K |


18 hours ago

man, this may be one of the most touching videos of Jimmy i've ever seen

94 |


2 days ago

Mack deserves a spot on the team - he's a whole character

855 |


19 hours ago

Mack was captivating....a legend.

22 |

2 weeks ago


19K |


2 days ago

Pls give Mack a spot on the team....
He deserves it

498 |


1 day ago

Mack has some crazy dedication, please bring him back sometime!

287 |


17 hours ago

Give this dude another chance, he deserves the 700K!

14 |


1 day ago

with the amount of people demanding a third chance for mack he might as well become the main character of the channel at this point

316 |


2 hours ago

Tbh, he kinda proved he wasn't afraid of failure already when he agreed to do the last challenge. He just wasn't able to complete it.

2 |


2 weeks ago

Mack deserves at least a dollar for trying

23K |


1 day ago


293 |


2 days ago

Pleeeeeaaaaase!!! Oh please Jimmy. Bring him back one more time, he's been through a lot and he really deserves to win. Seeing him lose was so heartbreaking

380 |


1 day ago

Mack has every right become a villain

4 |


1 day ago

Man deserves a spot on the team ❀️

271 |


2 weeks ago

Mack resilience and determination are truly inspiring. He is very deserving of all the success that comes his way. ❀

6.2K |


2 days ago

This goes straight to Mack’s determination

112 |


1 day ago

Please jimmy give Mack just one more chance this man uas the most dedication I've ever seen in my entire whole lifr

71 |

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