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I Used Only Vintage Technology for a Week
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4,673,564 Views • Mar 24, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
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I decided to throw away my modern technology and see what it would be like to use bizarre vintage tech products in the modern age. enjoy!




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3 months ago

Your browser is holding you back. Level up with Opera here: opr.as/03-Opera-Browser-KurtisConner

2K |


3 months ago

bro literally bought all the things he secretly wanted as a kid and covered it up with this challenge

33K |


3 months ago

“This was my personal phone I used when I was at law school in 2001” written in pink pen? Bro literally bought a phone from Elle woods

8.2K |


3 months ago

fun fact! videophones were really important for communication between deaf ppl and those were often the people who found them worth the cost

1.4K |


2 months ago

That little note from the original owner of the VideoPhone was so wholesome! I love learning the sentimental stories mundane objects may have

627 |


3 months ago

kurtis, danny, and drew all posted the same day. they're also all sponsored by opera. my little game theory is that they were all given the same deadline and all got it done on the last day, as anyone would

15K |


3 months ago

ok now do a video only communicating through cave paintings, smoke signals and morse code

30K |


2 months ago

My dad is a software engineer and when I was real young in the 90s he had a gig programing games for the palm pilot. I remember he would give me his palm pilot to keep me occupied anywhere we had to wait (restaurants, DMV, post office). When I was an adult, he admitted he was basically using me for testing, because I would find bugs and then complain to him that it wasn't working. There were several games, but the things I remember best was mancala and a little drawing pad.

391 |


2 weeks ago

My parents bought a My Lil Reminder for some reason, and it was from an infomercial so it came with a second one for free. My sisters and I used to record silly dumb little messages and leave them in each other's rooms to be found later. There was one that made me laugh so hard that I kept it on there for ages and over time the quality of the audio degraded so badly until it was just static. Thanks for the fun throwback!

38 |


3 months ago

I appreciate that y'all recorded the entire Xybernaut Computer segment sitting on the floor of the dining room. Really enhances the vibe of kids playing with a new toy

5.4K |


3 months ago

beatboxing puppy

10K |


3 months ago

12:38 not sure if anyone mentioned it, but picturephones/videophones were (and to my knowledge still are) super helpful for people who use ASL or other sign languages! I’m from a part of the US that’s considered a “deaf city,” and tons of colleges and other places around use have a separate number for a videophone!

229 |


2 months ago

The "paralyzed by popups" cop segment is actually an ability in the game Shadowrun. It's exactly that: you hack the tech in your opponent and dump a bunch of popups directly into their eyes, it's like a cyberpunk smoke bomb.

102 |


3 months ago

"Delete all photos or just the one?" "Just the one" ... "Dang, guess I gotta do that 90 more times :/ "

2K |


3 months ago

25:23 the irony of kurtis sitting outside on a nice beautiful day but he's trying everything he can just to look at a small screen 💀

2.5K |


2 months ago

It’s so nice seeing him not miss a single pun opportunity

95 |


1 month ago

“Kill the king, go see my friends at the round table, and then go to the pub to enjoy a tankard of mead” 😭😭😭😂

33 |


3 months ago

Fun fact about the Casio camera watch: Paul McCartney had one in 2001, and he absolutely LOVED IT. He showed it off, took pictures with it during interviews, and even used a picture of himself taken with his camera watch for the cover of his 2001 album Driving Rain!!

3.6K |


3 months ago

you know its a good day when kurtis, danny and drew post on the same day

26K |


3 months ago

As someone who lived through it all, I can say that back in the day, new tech and gadgets were coming at us very quickly. We transitioned from using payphones and pagers to analog cell phones, SMS texting, and T9. One year, we had palm pilots, which were all the rage. Then suddenly, your company would introduce the “Blackberry,” and everything changed. We were constantly adapting to completely different “solutions” every couple of years in various aspects of our lives—how we communicated, worked, and even how we lived. And then came modern smartphones. Once they were adopted, they became the new de facto standard for everyone. Since then, they’ve remained stable. It’s worth noting that stability in tech wasn’t something we had until recently. Additionally, a lot of the older tech was frankly subpar and rarely used. Our everyday essentials ranged from walkmans and pagers to MP3 players and flip phones—essentially what we have now.

80 |

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