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Netflix missed the point of Avatar
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2,659,302 Views • Mar 24, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
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i'm gonna go rewatch the animated show now

00:00 - intro
01:49 - a terrible first impression
12:43 - opera
13:54 - what is the point of an adaptation?
14:29 - sokka/suki
18:14 - katara
21:05 - aang
26:45 - things I liked
29:30 - oh no i'm getting mad again
34:50 - outro


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Views : 2,659,302
Genre: Comedy
Date of upload: Mar 24, 2024 ^^

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3 weeks ago

Your browser is holding you back. Level up with Opera here:

1.8K |


2 weeks ago

Replacing fake sexism with real genuine sexism is like a super high depth social commentary of the last 10 years.

4.5K |


3 weeks ago

We never wanted Sokka to be sexist. We wanted Suki to teach him to be better and we were robbed of that

18K |


2 weeks ago

This show feels like it was written by people who just like reading cool little tidbits on a fan wiki. The characters aren't individuals who go through events and struggle and grow. They're a bulleted list of traits.

2.5K |


2 weeks ago

The fact that the original show runners WERE working on Netflix with it but then left due to creative differences which we clearly see here in this adaptation is extremely sad and upsetting.

1.1K |


3 weeks ago

Katara being called a “Master” after obtaining 1 water bending scroll and having no training with an actual Master is as Disney/Marvel as you can get.

7.2K |


3 weeks ago

its interesting how netflix seems to think of animation as mindless and for kids and then goes out of their way to make a mindless version of it... but for adults

52K |


2 weeks ago

When Gran Gran said the name of the 4 elements I literally cringed so much my soul left my body and reached the avatar state.

764 |


2 weeks ago

Nothing broke my heart more than seeing aang fly without his glider

1K |


3 weeks ago

When execs hear “strong female character,” their only interpretation is “you mean strong like punching, right?”

9.4K |


3 weeks ago

Where is Katara's rage, her compassion, her nurturing, her emotions??? They stripped her of any depth and emotion.

33K |


2 weeks ago

You didn‘t even get to the part where azula is now written as insecure and „lashing out“ instead of a calculated, cold-blooded and highly competent psychopath …

259 |


2 weeks ago

Studios are forgetting more and more about “show dont tell”

395 |


3 weeks ago (edited)

From the second Aang said "I like to play airball, eat banana cakes & goof off with my friends" I knew we're going to be in for a bucket load of "tell, don't show".

17K |


3 weeks ago

It's becoming genuinely a little concerning how many media properties suggest that strong women can't exhibit an ounce of empathy, insecurity, or inadequacy. Their only flaw is that the other characters don't realize how awesome they are yet.

24K |


2 weeks ago

this was very effective. literally the moment your video ended i opened my laptop to start watching the animated series for the first time

137 |


2 weeks ago

The fact that Zuko and Iroh end up killing Zhao, when originally Zuko tried to save Zhao from the ocean spirit makes me so confused. What was the point? Now Zuko knows that Azula is involved in plotting his downfall. How is she supposed to try capturing them in season 2 now? No subtlety.

452 |


3 weeks ago

Cant wait for tophs entire character to be about how shes blind and how hard her life is because of it 🥺😢

3.2K |


3 weeks ago

something that bothered me immensely is how live actions are always marketed as a more mature version of the animation…but then treats the audience like children by spoonfeeding all the information like we can’t comprehend it without being beaten over the head with the meaning of everything every two seconds

13K |


2 weeks ago

in the Netflix remake of "the emperor's new groove" kuzco is a philanthropic ruler who spends his days working with the peasants & is in the process of dismantling the monarchy when he's turned into a llama. He's the world's nicest guy and they ruined his life for no reason.

72 |

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