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I Crossed The UK In A Perfectly Straight Line - Day 2
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2,414,701 Views • Dec 2, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
Secure the Mafia hoodie incase you never see me again 🥹

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Views : 2,414,701
Genre: Entertainment
Date of upload: Dec 2, 2023 ^^

Rating : 4.959 (1,076/104,411 LTDR)
RYD date created : 2024-02-29T12:52:58.912534Z
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 months ago

Secure the Mafia hoodie incase you never see me again 🥹

1.4K |


2 months ago

Dang this is a cool concept!!!

1.8K |


2 months ago

I’m British and it’s funny watching Airrack trying to pronounce British names 😂

57 |


2 months ago

Your thumbnail is not a perfectly straight line. Loved the video as always❤️

182 |


2 months ago

5:47 Bru used the Minecraft sheep sound😂

15 |


2 months ago

I can’t tell which one is stronger;
Airrack’s dedication for this series or Bean’s dedication for his love on the line 😭

628 |


2 months ago

As a Welsh person, I am glad that you enjoyed it, come back soon!

13 |


2 months ago

As a British person this episode was so funny to me, especially going to Nando’s and Phil!

26 |


2 months ago

No better way to end this year with Airrack content… please Airrack, don’t fail the challenge 😭

163 |


2 months ago

massive respect for the editors keeping up the daily tradition

76 |


2 months ago

I'm going through a tough time at the moment and you're videos are making my day a lot better. Thank you Eric!

7 |


2 months ago

as a person from the uk I never realise how beautiful and green our country is like I live in a huge housing estate and if u travel like 30 secs away there is a huge woodland and fields and fields of js sheep and grass its amazing, seeing this has made me realise how many places don't have this green landscape where as we just have it everywhere. also I am glad he appreciates the pubs lmao xx

2 |


2 months ago

I can’t possibly imagine how much editing/work is going into this, every day!? What in the world?

396 |


2 months ago

The planning for this must have been CRAZY

52 |


2 months ago

I seriously need to know how the editor has such high quality edits within a day

12 |


2 months ago

The fact that the entire airack crew is scared of a tiny river is so funny 😂

4 |


2 months ago

Love seeing all the boys together, they’ve really created a good bond!

21 |


2 months ago

Respect for Airrack for putting so much dedication on the consistent videos to entertain us

536 |


2 months ago

6:06 that motorcycle man is saying there's a cop ahead (helmet bang sign)

6 |


2 months ago

Yes airrack is doing the most impossible challenge yet,
but at the same time during the whole December he’s making me laugh and smile!!!! 😤🗣️

3 |

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