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I Survived 50 Hours In A Nuclear Bunker
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15,472,756 Views • Dec 1, 2021 • Click to toggle off description
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Views : 15,472,756
Genre: Entertainment
Date of upload: Dec 1, 2021 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 years ago

#SaveFrank and Subscribe 🌱🥺

8K |


2 years ago

"Everything does not have to have purpose in life, just have fun"
- Fidias

3.5K |


1 year ago

You can tell Mack is a people person. Anytime he is stuck by himself he always talks about how hard it is to be alone..

862 |


9 months ago

Seeing Airrack so destroyed because of Mack being alone and ending the challenge to be with him is so cool. Do what you guys do, you don't believe how much of an idol all of you guys are.

105 |


1 year ago

I literally cried when Mach and Airrack reunited at the end. I will love this channel and I will watch every episode until the end of time.❤

133 |


1 year ago

2022: "I survived 50 hours in a nuclear bunker"
2069: "I survived 50 seconds outside a nuclear bunker"

1.8K |


1 year ago

I actually cried, thanksgiving is a day where u spend time with the ppl u love, and that makes me smile that Mack got to do something that was special to him and Airrack

174 |


2 years ago

mack pulling at the heart strings towards the end. you guys deserve the youtube crown. the shear dedication and passion is inspiring.

8.5K |


1 year ago

Mack is the real homie! I feel for you man and I am so encouraged by your vulnerability on how you were struggling.. also applaud to Eric for being this man’s support system! You’re a great guy.

517 |


2 years ago

Mack I definitely feel for you. You guys are so blessed to have each other in your lives and its refreshing and humbling to have witnessed friendship at its finest in this video. And to your girlfriend Mack, the love and support is what makes a relationship real. Thanks Airrack for your videos much appreciated! Stay chill and do you 💜 from Alberta, Canada.

251 |


1 year ago

#SaveFrank Props to Eric to letting Mack to get out early.

92 |


1 year ago

Eric and Mack have such a strong friendship❤ Mack literally left everything to help Eric make YouTube vids, when Erik didn’t have many subs.. such an amazing friend!

31 |


2 years ago

This video had me both laughing and crying. Awesome work as always man!

2.5K |


1 year ago

The amount of friendship that you guys have is so amazing. The fact you can deal with Fidias is also amazing.

Keep up the great work! ^_^

101 |


1 year ago

The amount we’ve seen you guys grow is surreal I remember watching you at 100k but this is just very incredible amazing work!

46 |


1 year ago

Dude you almost made me cry talking about your girlfriend and your family.. your the best out of all of them who ever went in the bunker alone.

26 |


1 year ago

The face of despair when they realized what they had done to mack was incredible

72 |


1 year ago

I love airrack’s content and the effort he puts into them
Ps: I always love your intros this one is like the best one cause of the editing you put in must have taken a lot

19 |


2 years ago

"everything does not have to have a purpose, just have fun" is my new motto 😁

11K |


2 years ago

I respect Mack's girlfriend for not leaving him even though they only see each other 4x a year

922 |

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