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Clairo - Bambi
742,550 Views β€’ Jul 15, 2021 β€’ Click to toggle off description
Sling out now

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Written By: Clairo and Jack Antonoff
Published By: Claire Cottrill Publishing administered by Songs Of Universal, Inc. (BMI) and Sony/ATV Songs LLC / Ducky Donath Music (BMI)
Produced By: Jack Antonoff and Clairo
Recorded By: Laura Sisk and Jack Antonoff at Allaire Studios (Mount Tonche, NY)
Second Engineering by: John Rooney
Mixed By: Jack Antonoff and Laura Sisk at Allaire Studios (Mount Tonche, NY) and at Electric Lady Studios (New York, NY)
Mastered By: Chris Gehringer, assisted by Will Quinnell at Sterling Sound
Clairo: Piano, Wurlitzer, Electric Guitar, Vocals
Jack Antonoff: Drums, Bass, Piano, Clavinet, Electric Guitar, Mellotron
Evan Smith: Saxophones, Flutes, Clarinets, Synths

#Clairo #Sling #Bambi
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Views : 742,550
Genre: Music
Date of upload: Jul 15, 2021 ^^

Rating : 4.977 (152/25,953 LTDR)
RYD date created : 2022-04-09T19:38:36.07706Z
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YouTube Comments - 875 Comments

Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 years ago

i was about to sleep but that doesn't matter anymore

1.1K |


2 years ago

clairo's in her folklore era and i'm not complaining

758 |


2 years ago

This album is so fall, Gilmore girls and jeans in the perfect way.

506 |


2 years ago

The people who don't know about Clairo and her awesome music are missing out so bad.

745 |


2 years ago

Holy that’s a ton of new songs.

753 |


2 years ago

I think Sling is about moving foreword and Clairo becoming her own person. About her growing up and maturing. Not only about her struggles with abusive relationships, but with being taken advantage of by the adults in her life. With Joanie being the inspiration of sling, it also shows Clairo’s need/ want for settling down

454 |


2 years ago

The stereo sound of this song is phenomenal when listening with headphones, literally sent shivers down my spine like listening to ASMR

356 |


2 years ago

I’m glad that there are people out there who love this as much as I do I find it a bit comforting and hopefully I’ll get to meet more of these people

261 |


2 years ago

i can’t wait to listen to all of them

243 |


2 years ago

I'm so excited about this!!! And I even haven't get over Immunity!!!!

239 |


2 years ago

We've got the most non-toxic fanbase ong

93 |


2 years ago

gracias mamΓ‘ por permitirme vivir en la misma Γ©poca que Clairo

101 |


2 years ago

3:25 to 3:38 is absolutely amazing. You can hear her sort of talking/harmonizing in a deeper voice on top of the singing and it sounds so flipping good

80 |


1 year ago

this is one of the best album opener i’ve ever heard in my life, those first 00:53 seconds in the song feel like a whole movie of your life, thank you clairo, thank you so much

58 |


2 years ago

tears of joy already and the song barely started

38 |


2 years ago

Dear reader,
I don't know you and you don't know me. Probably we are not even living in the same country. We look different. We speak different languages. Maybe we are from entirely different generations. We are just complete strangers.

But there is something that connects us. We both have great taste in music

Thank you for being here. God bless you, whoever you are.

862 |


2 years ago

im crying rn. its been almost 2 years since her last album. 2019 was a good year.

55 |


2 years ago

β€œBut what if all I want Is conversation and time?” I felt that in my soul. It’s only been two weeks but I’ve fallen in love with this album. I got the vinyl too!

49 |


2 years ago

this is probably one of my favorite songs ever. so pure

32 |


2 years ago

I hate celebrity obsessed culture and idolizing and loving famous people and everything. But damn.... Clairo is so beautiful man she’s so like mystifying and just dope. I saw her and concert and it felt like I’ve known her once before.. like a long lost friend or friends from another life idk. She’s dope haha and good ass music too. Stay good clairo you’re the only celebrity i crush on

63 |

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