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ASMR | Doing Your Makeup with Luxury Makeup Products 😍✨ - tingly tapping and whispering
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258,476 Views • Nov 16, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
Doing Your Makeup with Luxury Makeup Products - tingly tapping and whispering! this is an asmr video from my (secret) asmr makeup channel and it is a good representation of typical videos on that channel, for those who didn't know I post on there! I hope you enjoyy! subscribe    / @edafoxxmakeup   for more videos like this ilyy!!
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Views : 258,476
Genre: Entertainment
Date of upload: Nov 16, 2023 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


3 months ago

Just what I needed. So much on my mind lately, and your consistency is so appreciated. Don’t know what I’d do without your ASMR. Truly.

555 |


3 months ago

I loooove a matte makeup look on me over the dewy/glow style as well! Also just really really have to say I love how kind you are when talking about products or makeup styles that didn’t work for you. There’s such a gentleness that comes with you saying “I tried it and it’s not for me” it truly makes me feel the compassion you put into your videos.

187 |


2 months ago

~* 0:00 hey friend:))
~* 0:41 face oil {glass tapping, mouth sounds, visual trigger}
~* 1:50 foundation {cardboard tapping, visual trigger, mouth sounds}
~* 4:39 contour {tapping, mouth sounds, visual trigger}
~* 7:15 clipping hair back
~* 7:42 blending contour out {mouth sounds, visual trigger}
~* 8:12 blush {tapping, scratching, mouth sounds, visual triggers}
~* 12:44 lip balm {tapping, lid sounds, mouth sounds
~* 13:37 sip of iced coffe {glass tapping}
~* 14:40 powder foundation {tapping, scatching, mouth sounds, visual trigger}
~* 17:28 unrelated show and tell:)) {tapping}
~* 19:20 lip stain {tapping, sticky tapping, mouth sounds, visual trigger}
~* 21:54 lip liner {tapping, mouth sounds}
~* 23:58 concealer {tapping, mouth sounds, visual trigger, hand sounds}
~* 26:07 eye makeup {tapping, visual trigger, mouth sounds}
~* 29:34 skincare show and tell {tapping, scratching, lid sounds}
~* 33:03 that’s it bye:)))

I don’t know how useful timestamps are on a video like this but this is my first time doing them and I wanted to try sooo yea I hope someone enjoys them :)

20 |


3 months ago

she looks soooo beautiful without makeup, really shines her natural beauty! :D

69 |


3 months ago

It's always so nice when Eda does our makeup. 😊

45 |


3 months ago

The only asmrtist who makes me tingle and relax, im so happy i found ur videos eda! Ive been watching ur channel for years, thankyou❤❤❤

6 |


3 months ago

These are my fave videos 🥹 love you so much eda you’ve helped me sleep for years 💗🩷

4 |


3 months ago

No one does nail tapping like you. Thank you for another amazing vid ❤️

41 |


3 months ago

Thank you so much eda this is just what I needed as I’m quite stressed this week with my school show !( shrek the musical !) and just school in general 😔
But this has helped me calm down and de stress after this hectic week ! ✨❤️

12 |


3 months ago

Not even a minute in but I swear this works on period cramps, headache and nausea better than meds 😢❤

33 |


3 months ago

Hey girl! Amazing pampering from you, truly delicate and the right balance of triggers face-blue-heart-eyes

9 |


3 months ago

I'm so thankful eda sis thank you so much for listening to me and posting makeup full length asmr video ❤please keep posting makeup asmr ❤️

2 |


3 months ago

Eda your the best ASMRist out there. It was so tingly. Thank you✨❤✨

4 |


3 months ago

your videos make my days 10x better each day ❤

7 |


3 months ago

U can't imagine how much I love seeing you and how you give me tingles every time, it's mismerrizing❤❤🎉

8 |


3 months ago

You are always such a beautiful person who helps us all. Thank you ❤

3 |


3 months ago

I was thinking this looks more like a video you would post on your makeup channel, until I realized I've already seen this one over there :D hope you will post a new video on that channel someday soon -- i also rly love it when u just ramble abt ur life and give us some updates and stuff :)

6 |


3 months ago

Thank you queen for the best ASMR and most positive vibes as always ☀️
I always fall asleep before the end of your videos 😴 Eda you’re so talented 🦋🦋🦋 🥱

3 |


3 months ago

I just love your asmr videos. You make my day Eda.❤

4 |


3 months ago

Wonderful video again Eda! Thank youuuu, your always posting such amazing and relaxing vids! ❤️

11 |

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