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Burgers are such a big staple in many peoples lives and today I wanted to go back 100 years and see what burgers were like, from 1900's to 2000's I cooked them all. We also rated them to see which were the best!

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


3 months ago

We apprciate Guga for waiting 100 years to make this video, it's not easy waiting for 100 years to learn every burger, respect.

16K |


2 months ago

Fun fact: The Big 'n' Tasty burger (now known as the Big Tasty) is still available here in Malta. When McDonald's originally removed it, the Maltese population complained about it so much that the burger was re-added to the menu as a permanent addition.

1.4K |


4 weeks ago

1:48 They still serve burgers on toast topped with cheese and caramelized onions in some diners, but it is often referred to as a patty melt.

183 |


4 weeks ago

I worked at the southern version of White Castle, Krystal, back in the early 1980s. We cooked the onions on top of the square burger patties which were still frozen when we put them on the "grill". It was a large flat, pan-like device.

82 |


2 months ago

There's not a burger in this video that I would not eat the living hell out of. They ALL look awesome to me.

368 |


4 weeks ago

Here in Germany we have something called "Frikadelle/ Bratklops". They are larger meatballs seasoned with fine sliced onions, pickled cucumbers, mustard, salt and pepper (all ingredients are mixed together before beeing cooked in an buttery pan). The Frikadelle is normaly served with a bun on the side.

43 |


3 months ago

Wow what a fantastic video ❤

526 |


2 months ago

First Hamburgers were obviously made in the city of Hamburg/Germany. It made its way into the USA on board of ships with immigrants, Hamburg is a large harbor from which many ships left towards the USA. There's proof of these being sold at the World Convention in 1904 in St. Louis, evidentally named "Hamburg" after the city without the added "er" at the end.

38 |


4 weeks ago

Let's not forget the Carl's Jr Western Bacon Cheeseburger with the BBQ sauce and onion rings. That was a memorable moment in burger history that is still available today.

29 |


6 days ago

Guga i really like these kind of vid keep on making them❤

1 |


2 months ago

You Gentlemen did an excellent job researching & doing this video for my all-time favorite American food.

7 |


4 weeks ago

Now see this was super interesting! Thank you so much for producing this video with delicious content.

4 |


3 months ago

The fact that steamed hams actually do exist blows my mind

1.2K |


2 months ago

I LOVE the way you cook! And also I loved having my moms famous steamed cheeseburgers, I love her burgers in general ❤️

4 |


4 weeks ago

I worked at McDonald's in the late 90's and early 2000's. When we did the Big n' Nasty (We called it that on the line at my store because of how messy it was to make.) I honestly can't say with certainty that it came with Swiss cheese. Everything I remember was that it came with American cheese. The Deluxe might have co.e with Swiss cheese but I can't remember. Great video at any rate. Thanks!

6 |


4 weeks ago

You know guga I just love your work I know when I start watching you I just cant stop, I watch at least 3 episodes and always come back when I'm about to cook a burger or steak to see how you did it. Thanks a lot man. Oh btw the noodle burger was something I have never seen, definitely will try it.



4 weeks ago

Great video! Love all the different burger styles (passsing on the ramen bun..

I managed a Wendy's in the 80's. Wendy's burgers are made with only one order...wrgwrg (white red green...)


All on the top (untoasted) bun. The lettuce covers the rest Cheese goes on top of the meat and a little swipe of mustard.

And the patties were square because of the original patty machines used in the original stores.

1 |


4 weeks ago

Thank you for your videos. My kids have been loving the home made Macdonald cheese burger so much which is weird as they would only have chicken burgers.
Thank you for this as so many great burgers to make now

2 |


3 months ago

I Love this format where we get to see how to make amazing burgers but we also get to see the history behind them. Heres hoping to more like this video.

238 |


2 months ago

The research that went into this video is amazing!

1 |

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