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1 year ago

Wow…I forgot that I’d seen Pix’s face before…he looks EXACTLY like his in-game skin here

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1 year ago

Thank you so much for spreading the word about irl Hermitcraft TCG! ❤

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1 year ago

Hey gang! Extra late edit today, so I didn't have the time to give Lyarrah to make captions for this one! Sorry about this, this one's on me! We'll repost it on the Community Page when the subtitles will be finished! Also massive shoutout to Pixlriffs for going above and beyond to deliver this week's pre-intro gag! What a legend! ~Sloy

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1 year ago

Hi. I'm one of the artists working on the IRL TCG. It's been such a fantastic project. It's absolutely crazy to be mentioned on the Hermitcraft recap. Ya'll have been a great source for Hermticraft information through the years. I don't have time to keep up with all the hermits normally so it's been great to have a resource to help me. So thanks for all the help!

725 |


1 year ago

I must say, Mumbo's base is looking more sustainable than ever before.

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1 year ago

Is that Pix's skin in hd? No but seriously he even has the jacket from his normal skin

79 |


1 year ago

2:18 personally I’m looking forward to the sky battles, in which participants must both play TCG and complete an elytra course at the same time

140 |


1 year ago

you know the hermitcraft tcg is big when it gets a physical print, the recap channel spent an episode advertising it, and hermits are trying to create new variations of the game (etho creating a draft version and xb trying to create a team battle version)

312 |


1 year ago

Imagine if beef put a pop tart item card in one of the bags as an Easter egg, would be hilarious and awesome 😆

300 |


1 year ago

So gem basically avoided getting crushed by an anvil because of adhd?

73 |


1 year ago

That Hermitcraft TCG "unboxing" at the start had me laughing so much. You've come out with some absolutely top tier comedy in this series, and that was a fine example.

52 |


1 year ago

I can’t believe that the TCG is being added to real life, how are they going to hide the map art?

51 |


1 year ago

Hiii, im one of the TCG irl artists!! It was really fun to work on the project and to the people's reactions is such a joy

12 |


1 year ago

"We can't wait to see how he figures out rotation battles and dynamax raids as well" I understood that refrence!

121 |


1 year ago

This entire recap was an ad for the TCG and I'm fricking here for it!

171 |


1 year ago

6:50 - Pretty niche HermitCraft knowledge: SethBling actually was on the HermitCraft server very briefly as a guest, back in season 1.

15 |


1 year ago

incase anyone is curious for zed test running decked out, sadly that stream has already happened. the good news is however that you can watch the vod on both tangos and zedaphs second channel! also tango is going to include a montage of the best bits in his next episode :)

24 |


1 year ago

haha i love how pix wore the same jacket as his minecraft skin for the promo

48 |


1 year ago

Typical that the elf and the dwarf get into a petty war of pranking each other

28 |


1 year ago

“Rotation Battles” was a real deep cut, props to Zloy for that one

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