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1 year ago

The last quiet calm week before the limited life players get back after having quenched their bloodlust

270 |


1 year ago

I’m loving the pixlriffs pop tart storyline

648 |


1 year ago

Ever since the big Mumbo/Grian/Scar reunion wide shot, they've just been ships passing in the night. We need some proper shenanigans from this trio of chaos.

780 |


1 year ago

Pix must have had a Heart attack upon seeing Mumbos Copperfield.

106 |


1 year ago

Someone tell Elybeatmaker that mumbo’s been dropping bars

193 |


1 year ago

Last time one pop tart, now two, I wonder how many pop tarts is he gonna eat by the last chapter of HC9

164 |


1 year ago

Finally, the start of Mumbo’s musical career

617 |


1 year ago


71 |


1 year ago

I have to agree with Zloy's comment about Mumbo's copper weathering practices!

80 |


1 year ago

I love how many Thumbnails Mumbo is just slipping his way into- it’s honestly kind of funny

209 |


1 year ago

Fun Fact: this recap made me realize that I somehow completely missed Xisuma's most recent episode

261 |


1 year ago

The sustainability of Mumbo's bases lately is amazing.

64 |


1 year ago

That proptart joke was 10/10. Haven't chuckled like that in a bit.

38 |


1 year ago

what a sustainable thumbnail

47 |


1 year ago

OK that Gorillaz and Cub joke was tastefully done xD

33 |


1 year ago

Seeing Mumbo's head on Gem's skin was something I was not prepared for. It made me super uncomfortable. XD Thanks for the recap, as always!

34 |


1 year ago

I'm glad that someone else made that Gorillaz "Dare" reference, as that's exactly what I was thinking when watching that episode hearing Cub saying "It's coming out, it's coming out..." 😄

8 |


1 year ago

LOL I immediately thought of Sahara when Pix explained X's shop idea and then he made the reference

37 |


1 year ago

So close to a stack of recaps

36 |


1 year ago

Sugarcane Pillar Sugarcane Brick Wall

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