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Top Comments of this video!! :3


6 months ago

So beans got fried as cameraman and now he's on the other side of the camera

7.2K |


6 months ago

2:21 Eric grabbing the glass then the “you can not eat that”😂😂

33 |


6 months ago

I love Dohaa so so much. Happy to see him more and more with the crew.

224 |


6 months ago

honestly, dohaa was the perfect person/fan to have ended up on your team. love his emotionless humor lol

280 |


6 months ago

you can tell that unlike other channels Airriack and his crew have genuine friendships and mean to eachother

1.1K |


6 months ago

It's nice to see the new guy understand the humor of this group

561 |


6 months ago

These videos are actually so cool!

175 |


6 months ago

9:51 Who would win? Akka: trained professional and has won many robot battles and is a professional at using the suit Or Dohha: likes chicken

9 |


6 months ago

First time seeing these guys and honestly everyone seems genuinely friendly to each other, like really good friends type of feel. Pretty awesome to see such a group, definitely gonna follow

101 |


6 months ago

Sugarlab's invention is pretty cool. Especially when you consider they can print almost any shape. I wonder if they could make some sweets in the likeness of Dwayne Johnson. Rock Candy sounds like a missed opportunity.

98 |


5 months ago

"I'm like a baby in its lactation era" -Beans, 2023

1 |


6 months ago

Crazy inventions. Sam is an inspirational figure. My spirit animal

225 |


6 months ago

Airrack is basically the budget Mr. Beast at this point. 💀

35 |


5 months ago

imagine that in a couple years time, you could order 3D printed food with an hologram and then get it dropped off by a drone

1 |


6 months ago

1:00 Did not expect bro to shrink like that.

8 |


6 months ago

8:59 me who has trees all in my yard 👁️👄

12 |


6 months ago

everybody gangsta till the robots start 3D printing humans 💀

1 |


6 months ago

We need a video of Eric being the cameraman to see Beans and dohaa’s struggle

17 |


6 months ago

I think you need to go for the worlds largest 3D printed pizza world record now

559 |

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