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Hermitcraft 9: Episode 41 - TOO MANY CHICKENS
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1,520,658 Views • Jul 1, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
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Hermitcraft 9: Episode 41 - TOO MANY CHICKENS

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#minecraft #hermitcraft
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Views : 1,520,658
Genre: Gaming
Date of upload: Jul 1, 2023 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


10 months ago

Grian: looks at the rarest egg in the game and the newest egg in the game Grian: Behold- a LAMPSHADE!

6.1K |


10 months ago

You gotta LOVE how both Grian and Mumbo separately went with Scar as their partner in semi-legal activities.

3.3K |


10 months ago

I have to say, that sight of the door exploding and revealing Scar's humongous poster was hilariously on point.

2K |


10 months ago

I love that "I don't know how to physically, emotionally or spiritually fix this" from an unknown sender qualifies in Grian's book as "a sign that explains everything".

1.1K |


10 months ago

“I know where this is going,” (sighs) replaces the “Seasons Without a War” counter to 0.

3.5K |


10 months ago

Grian is proving that your redstone doesn’t need to be complex to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.

2.8K |


10 months ago

It is sad that many people don’t even understand how big Poultry Man returning is.

1.6K |


10 months ago

Imagine the absolute distruction that would happen if Doc and Grian team up

1K |


10 months ago

I'm going to be honest, the idea of a mad scientist coming up with increasingly elaborate ways of taking revenge vs grian and scar just spawning lots of chickens over and over sounds like a blast to watch.

3.7K |


10 months ago

At this point you aren’t poking the goat, you’re slapping it across the face

2.7K |


10 months ago

Grian making a lamp out of two eggs that will eventually just walk away somehow seems normal compared to everything else he’s done.

555 |


10 months ago

R.I.P. Grian and Scar. Doc is going to have an absolute field day getting back at you guys

305 |


10 months ago

I love how every time Hermits decide to prank each other with a lag, Xisuma technically becomes a casualty

1.8K |


10 months ago

Just make sure you throw eggs randomly into the perimeter when it’s cleaned up to make doc think he’s missed some stragglers.

3.1K |


10 months ago

Sign with Scar and Grian's heads crossed to signify "no entry!" P.M. to H.G. : "Thaaat is NOT us. Sooo. . ."

288 |


10 months ago

im so glad doc is finally getting the war he's been preparing for all season. he must be ecstatic

222 |


10 months ago

I sense a war and as per usual, Grian is the one starting it.

4.8K |


10 months ago

Season 6: Pranks lead to the Prank War Season 7: Mayoral race turns into the Turf War Season 8: The Boatem Pole leads to a Boat War with Big Eye Crew Seaons 9: Poultry Man pokes the G.O.A.T. and begins the Beast Wars

2.4K |


10 months ago

Now every time you fly over the perimeter, throw just a couple eggs in to make Doc think he just missed a few

200 |


10 months ago

The fact doc designed a special cannon to only destroy the door while grian and scar just spawned chickens 😂

83 |

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