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The Internet is Worse Than Ever โ€“ Now What?
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6,894,948 Views โ€ข Nov 29, 2023 โ€ข Click to toggle off description
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In 2022 nearly half of Americans expected a civil war in the next few years, one in five now believes political violence is justified. And it is not just the US but around the world. People increasingly see themselves as part of opposing teams.

There are many different reasons for this, but one gets blamed a lot: social media. Social media divides us, makes us more extreme and less empathetic, it riles us up or sucks us into doom scrolling, making us stressed and depressed. It feels like we need to touch grass and escape to the real world.

New research shows that we might have largely misinterpreted why this is the case. It turns out that the social media internet may uniquely undermine the way our brains work but not in the way you think.


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Top Comments of this video!! :3


3 months ago

Go to to compare news coverage from around the world and across the political spectrum to get a well-rounded view on important issues.

4.1K |


3 months ago

I remember loving forums or sites with "affiliate" banners, you could jump site to site! Social media was a mistake

9K |


2 months ago

My mom always taught me that it's no one person's responsibility to fix the world, but it's everyone's responsibility to not make it worse.

2.4K |


2 months ago

Social media makes you even angry at people irl, thinking they're constantly biased and against your opinions and makes you be defensive all the time. When you talk to real people in real life in real places, you realize people are not that evil or aggressive (except for some crazy people out there) and you can actually cooperate with them even if you don't share any opinions because they're actually normal people who are not that extreme. Call it facade, call it whatever, but it's safer outside than inside social media.

4.1K |


4 weeks ago

Deleted all my social media off my phone. Deleted YouTube as an app. I still have access to it, but I force myself to have to hop on my computer in order to see what I want to. Works like a charm, Iโ€™m happier and now I have more time for the things Iโ€™m interested in.

360 |


2 months ago

Something that is also scary is how the Internet/social media is not just built to be addictive (and often people turn to being addicted to the Internet/social media to make up for something they're missing IRL), but they're also getting more and more integrated into becoming necessities for a lot of people. For example, a lot of job searching and maintenance is exclusively done online, and people that would try to avoid being online would also struggle to avoid making a living for themselves in our capitalistic society unless they were online.
A lot of students in schools/colleges also turn to learning way more online than in-person, especially since a lot of education systems need a long overdue overhaul.

1.2K |


4 weeks ago

it's really terrifying when you realize that you spent a good chunk of your life trapped in a virtual world, i'm not mature enough for the real world, it's frightening to me...

135 |


3 months ago

"One model that seemed to work well was the pre social media internet OLD people might remember."

Great video, and I enjoyed the ad at the end.

6.4K |


2 months ago

It's insane how rapid the internet has changed the world within the last 20 years. That number isn't even a lot when you think about it, especially since the internet has evolved so quickly and continues to do so ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

968 |


4 weeks ago

also, social media has created an atmosphere where real world issues become incredibly easy to digest and know about, expanding the amount of information that our brains can handle at once. videos about wars, genocide, and other gruesome things that are so easily accessible to people of all ages changes the way our brains grow and think, and can make those who are naturally more empathetic depressed and anxious about the world around us. I grew up in this generation without remembering a whole world without social media, and I can say that our brains are not meant to function by feeling every single negative thing this world has. itโ€™s overwhelming.

265 |


2 months ago

Don't know if people have noticed, the amount of violence and i mean literal death videos, gore videos, possible rape videos, porn and what not being on Facebook shorts now more than ever, it is absolutely insane up to the fact that i have deleted facebook and am never going to allow it on my phone ever again.

45 |


2 months ago

This is precisely why I created a personal art blog and will start posting there more often than on social media. I feel a lot better about my art this way and I get SOOO excited to create and post something to the blog.

702 |


4 weeks ago

I'm 23 and recently deleted all social media except Youtube and WhatsApp. It's been amazing for my mental health! Social media definitely has its place, but it stopped being worth it for me.

68 |


3 months ago

This video somehow managed to change my entire outlook on the internet.

4.4K |


2 months ago

If you need to find any answer whatsoever on the internet you immediately get pulled into an endless stream of ads and time wasting nonsense. The fact that people still manage to communicate with each other through all this madness is actually impressive.

206 |


2 months ago

Iโ€™ve been feeling down lately because of all the divide that been going on. I had a hunch that social media was the root cause of this but didnโ€™t understand how. Thank you for continuing to share this information and for your effort to try to undo all the harm that is going on now.

348 |


4 weeks ago

The worst thing about this is even if you are trying to better society it will only work if everyone is on the same page as you

29 |


2 months ago

The idea that being socially excluded was indeed life threatening in our past makes it hurt so much more now that I realize I have fallen victim to this too often and by so many for so long. No wonder Iโ€™ve become such a nihilistic, apathetic messโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ž

30 |


2 months ago

I kinda feel like people on the internet are more extreme because of some kind of level of incognito. It's like when they were deciding if something good or bad should happen to someone and most people choosed the bad thing over and over again cuz their faces and other stuff were hidden. It's a really sad thing.

27 |


3 months ago

โ€œUnfortunately, your brain is stupidโ€
I 100% agree. Thank you Kurzgesagt.

32K |

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