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387,783 Views • Feb 11, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
This week, on Hermitcraft!

This episode covers videos released between Sunday February 4 and Friday February 9, 2024.
It doesn't cover episodes released on Day 1, so if you missed that episode it's    • Hermitcraft RECAP - Season 10 DAY 1!  

→ r/hermitcraft Discord: discord.gg/U5QbH9pWG4
→ Website: www.hermitcraft.com/
→ Twitter: twitter.com/hermitcraft_
→ Reddit: www.redlib.matthew.science/r/HermitCraft
→ Twitch Channel: www.twitch.tv/hermitcraft_/
→ Background music: www.bensound.com/

Bensound - "Clear Day" and "Energy" - www.bensound.com/
Roa - "Journey" -    • Roa - Journey 【Official】  
Dan Lebowitz - "Mysteries" -    • Video  
Vibe Mountain - "Operatic 3" -    • Operatic 3  
Nat Keefe & Hot Buttered Rum - "Cats Searching for the Truth" -    • Cats Searching for the Truth  ]
Infraction - "A Way to You" -    • Cinematic Inspirational Piano by Infr...  
Kevin MacLeod - "Bushwick Tarantella" -    • Kevin MacLeod: Bushwick Tarantella  
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Views : 387,783
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Date of upload: Feb 11, 2024 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


3 months ago

Ren crowning himself the two things worse than a tyrannical king; a mining company CEO and the president of a HOA

3.3K |


3 months ago

"After all, you get in bed with Big Salmon, eventually you wind up sleeping with the fishes." BRILLIANT!

1.4K |


3 months ago

"Joel's hill" is the greatest joke ever written for this show. Had me proper belly laughing

1.1K |


3 months ago

gem: nobody will be more with the ocean this season than me grian: hold my fishing rod

1.2K |


3 months ago

If what grian said on scars stream is correct, hes now suppased 5000 times fished, and still hasnt gotten a mending book

1.2K |


3 months ago

Okay jokes aside, can we get a full recap and/or side show that is just Sloy living his best David Attemborough life ?? 10/10 would binge

1.5K |


3 months ago

The difference in speed of progression is so obvious this season. We have people like Grian and Mumbo with basic enchants while we also have Etho, Cub and Doc who are already fighting withers, getting an elytra and building complicated redstone contraptions

299 |


3 months ago

"Skizz Le Man" This is the funniest thing in the video so far.

360 |


3 months ago

I did not realize how unlucky Gem got. out of that entire area she could have landed Grian ended up getting her over a poppy and thats why she couldn't MLG bucket clutch

321 |


3 months ago

"Invites him to say hello to his little friend, which turns out to be Skizzleman who is apparently 6ft4" omg that's hilarious lmao

342 |


3 months ago

I reckon the prize will be an IOU from every single hermit

929 |


3 months ago

“You get in bed with big salmon, sooner or later you’ll be sleeping with the fishes” clapping unbelievable line

75 |


3 months ago

update: bdoubleo100 is still alive as of the making of this video. they rigged a furnace pitfall in his under-house hidey hole he logged off in. but he managed to avoid it.

156 |


3 months ago

Can we just appreciate the unintentional server wide and or majority taking part in the early "Fishing Shenanigans" that have been started by Grian? Over the last few seasons, he's started wars, game modes etc. And this time around he's easily convinced majority of the server to be obsessed with fishing one way or another

21 |


3 months ago

Hey gang! This episode was a doozy, so we had to drop it without captions for the time being. Lyarrah'll have those up for you ASAP though. Edit: And they're up! Hope you all enjoyed the first week of Season 10 as much as we did! See you next week!

1.2K |


3 months ago

hermits be like we're no longer allowed to kill boss on episode 1 so we should make up for lost time by killing the ender dragon, wither, and warden on episode 2

62 |


3 months ago

I would unironically watch 10 straight hours of Zloy nature documentary. The hermits should let him on the server just so he can lurk around in the background and narrate their day to day activities

71 |


3 months ago

Doc didn’t kill the dragon; he didn’t have to, because Cub already had. So Doc was able to get his elytra and shulkers right away.

149 |


3 months ago

Iskall's decreasing the property value lol

44 |


3 months ago

This week, on hermitcraft...

258 |

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