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Hermitcraft Season 9 MegaRecap Part 1: Of Kings and Empires
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150,807 Views • Jan 7, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
This season, on Hermitcraft!

This episode covers videos released in 2022 for Season 9!

The second half, with all the 2023 episodes, will be out soon!

Full Season Playlist:    • Hermitcraft Recap SEASON 9  

For more information about this season, including datapacks used, who's playing this season, the seed, and more, check out this thread on Reddit: www.redlib.matthew.science/r/HermitCraft/comments/t78411/hermi…
The world download is available at hermitcraft.com/

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Our Staff:
Production, Editing, Writing, Additional Voiceovers: @SloyXP
Writing, Voiceover, Co-Production: @Pixlriffs
Captions, Additional Editing: @Lyarrah

Bensound - "Clear Day" and "Energy" - www.bensound.com/
Roa - "Journey" -    • Roa - Journey 【Official】  
Abstraction - "Respect the Wig" -    • Respect the Wig  
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Views : 150,807
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Date of upload: Jan 7, 2024 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


4 months ago

Thanks for joining us for the 2022 half of the season! 2023: Stack the Deck will be out next weekend! A couple notes about the captions: 1. The following episodes are missing captions: 32, 33, 34, and 37. This will be rectified on both here and the original videos within the week. 2. This video is so long it just plain breaks YouTube's captioning software. As a result, some parts may not work correctly, such as being off by a couple seconds, having single words stranded alone on a line, or captions flashing by quickly. As much as I wish I could, I can't promise things are right on this, so please watch the individual episodes for optimal captioning and musical experiences. Thanks for understanding! ~Ly

482 |


4 months ago

Dudes! I haven't finished my season 9 uploads yet, what are you doing!:face-blue-wide-eyes:

600 |


4 months ago

This is so long, someone should go meta and recap this

1K |


4 months ago

I thought they were joking when they said that they would do a 10-hour director’s cut last episode 😂

560 |


4 months ago

"We're not affiliated with Hermitcraft in any way." Oh how little you knew, Pix from two years ago.

153 |


4 months ago

seeing TFC's and Jellie's part of the recap just makes me feel lots of emotions... lots of love for TFC and Jellie

387 |


4 months ago

Pixel said “shoot whatever comes out” of the rift 😂 oh the irony that HE was what came out of it!

61 |


4 months ago

Sometimes I forget this one season had everything from the Soup Group, to the Pillar War, to the King, to TFC, to the crossover, to TCG, to DO2

103 |


4 months ago

TEN HOURS? Oh god i need more popcorns

358 |


4 months ago

I choked up when TFC made it to the Stone Age

76 |


4 months ago

"Well, this looks like a fun video to watch while I eat... Oh f- 10 hours?"

28 |


4 months ago

Me yesterday: whew, I finally finished the new hbomber video! I'm so glad I can go back to watching normal length videos! Me today: ...oh. Oh no

47 |


4 months ago

:Neither of us have access to it" just wait 8 or 9 hours my friend.

29 |


4 months ago

Day1: "not affiliated with Hermitcraft in anyway" "dont have inside information and dont have access to the server" Week 34: "Helloo and welcome from the Hermitcraft server" Season 9 was something else

11 |


4 months ago

This is so surreal. I never thought I’d see the end of Season 9. But I’m pumped for season 10!

184 |


4 months ago

Someone: "Want to hang out?" Me: "No I have plans for the whole day" Plans : Hermitcraft Season 9 MegaRecap Part 1: Of Kings and Empires

20 |


4 months ago

10 hours!? PART 1!?!?

29 |


4 months ago

"this week on hermitcraft... ME" will never get old lmao

11 |


4 months ago

i'd love to know how viewers who have never watched Tango's videos react to his chaos in this video. the piglin bartering ferris wheel, death traps in trade for free supplies, the entirety of making decked out? this man is actually insane. we love him for it

14 |


4 months ago

Ten hours?!? By the time I get through all of it, season 10 might be starting.

60 |

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