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teamwork! :D
Jacob: youtube.com/c/Alpharad

♥ The Team ♥
Colleen: twitter.com/SolarCitrus
Claudia: twitter.com/HiyFi_
DavidBaronArt: twitter.com/DavidBaronArt
Dee Helm: twitter.com/DeeRedHelm
Denny: twitter.com/90PercentDenny
Devon:    / @devonkong  
Duckdee: twitter.com/duckdeeArt
Jaystarz: youtube.com/xjaystarzx
Leslie V
Pivots: youtube.com/user/ThePivotsXXD
TiffanySeng: twitter.com/tiffanyseng_art
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Various Mario songs
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Views : 8,091,266
Genre: Film & Animation
Date of upload: Dec 19, 2022 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 year ago

I love how Jacob humored Jaiden by claiming she was Luigi, so wholesome

10K |


1 year ago

I love how Jacob just went quiet when Jaiden asked if he had fun.

3.6K |


9 months ago

Now.. Can Jaiden direct Jacob while he's blindfolded?

989 |


11 months ago

I love that Jaiden is gradually censoring less and less swears and I’m willing to bet the thought process is “they’re big kids, they can handle an occasional swear in normal videos” and I love that

1.3K |


1 year ago

Alpharad telling a blindfolded Jaiden she's Luigi has some "big brother plugging in a second controller to a single player game" vibes.

4.4K |


1 year ago

I love how Jacob talks to her like a kindergarten teacher. “It’s okay to make mistakes, but let’s not jump left”

4.2K |


1 year ago

"How many levels until the next castle?" "Mmm no..." That killed me. I felt the hurt in his voice.

284 |


10 months ago

Its so funny when Jaiden misses a power up or some kind of mark, and he just sits there and says... "yep u got it :)"

185 |


1 year ago

9:38 Jaiden missing the mushroom here and then the 2 seconds of dead silence following Jacob saying "you got it" is so funny to me

4.3K |


1 year ago

“Jaiden setting a challenge to herself and unintentionally torturing her friends in the process” could become a whole series

41K |


1 year ago

The fact that he straight up lies to her about Luigi just shows how desperate they are but also, it’s pretty hilarious

168 |


1 year ago

Jacob “ have you ever played this game before” Jaiden dies because she doesn’t know how to swim “no” 14:51

71 |


1 year ago

Love Jacob's dad moment where he's like, "it's ok if you mess up but let's not jump to the left in a panic."

418 |


1 year ago

I absolutely adore how gently Jacob approached the issue of Jaiden trying to correct her mistakes by jumping left

3.1K |


1 year ago

Jacob deserves an award for carrying that team! The little supportive lies were soooo good too 🤣

151 |


9 months ago

Their friendship is so sweet. Jaiden's just so excited to play and be there and Jacob is this incredibly patient moral support. Because I would have lost my patience with them half way through for sure. Also, Jaiden: right and left is tricky, don't feel bad <3

40 |


1 year ago

I love how Jaiden just randomly decides to play and animate the weirdest and most stressful concepts in video games

4.9K |


1 year ago

i love the way jacob is drawn lol, i feel like it perfectly encapsulates him.

2.7K |


1 year ago

14:58 I love how confidently jaiden says no

45 |


10 months ago

Legend says Jaiden will never see what Super Mario World actually looks like

71 |

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