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Hermitcraft 9: Episode 45 - THE NEW BASE!
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1,865,228 Views • Aug 1, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
Hermitcraft 9: Episode 45 - THE NEW BASE Grian and scar have to make a new base because things were not very live laugh love.

#minecraft #hermitcraft
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Views : 1,865,228
Genre: Gaming
Date of upload: Aug 1, 2023 ^^

Rating : 4.986 (297/86,657 LTDR)
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


9 months ago

Mumbo leaves Grian and Scar alone and the base is gone within minutes

12K |


9 months ago

The fact that doc knew those two couldn’t resist, makes it all the more hilarious

2.7K |


9 months ago

"Doc's an artifact. Why doesn't Cub take him?" Best line ever

1.6K |


9 months ago

Grian I think you can add a few shroomlights underneath the leaves of the tree, and at night the tree will glow and look really cool. P.S. I think giant lanterns would be cooler but idk.

1.8K |


9 months ago

The passive aggressive back of base joke against Mumbo is going to shoot Grian in the foot one day

3.4K |


9 months ago

Gotta say, Doc's piston animation was really well executed.

3K |


9 months ago

“I didn’t know you could ram your head into a target block” that is literally how this entire thing started…

796 |


9 months ago

Grian and Scar have caused a vast majority of “accidents” when left alone. But ya let’s leave them alone again but this time in the middle of a war with Doc! What could go wrong?! * explosion in background * Grian:”SNOT!!”

203 |


9 months ago

I'm comforted by the fact that I can always trust Grian to teach me how to make a building feel less lonely

2.5K |


9 months ago

and yet again, grian has to face the consequences of touching docs redstone

2.9K |


9 months ago

The pane of pain is going to end up in Pearl's inventory as she's cleaning up and she's going to be so confused.

122 |


9 months ago

So proud of Grian for actually getting stuff done in this episode lol. (As a fellow procrastinator I absolutely understand the struggle 😅)

525 |


9 months ago

Mumbo's request not to replace him is more like him giving the idea of finding a replacement 💀

2K |


9 months ago

What’s so hilarious is Doc knows that Grian can not resist and I’m sure Grian knows 90% of the time it’s going to end badly and yet does it anyways.

597 |


9 months ago

Grian, I am sure people already pointed out, but you can improve your Sniffer farm and still use nice looking blocks (moss, like you wanted) if you switch the hoppers for rails, with a hopper minecart. Hopper minecarts can pickup items from full blocks because their hitboxes actually touches inside of the blocks on top.

650 |


9 months ago

Grian, Scar, and Mumbo: havin' a little fun, messin' around, not being overly intrusive Doc: actual griefing

128 |


9 months ago

“Things aren’t looking very live,laugh,love” I feel that

3K |


9 months ago

watching Grian place 50 hoppers across the floor instead of using a hopper minecart hurt

1K |


9 months ago

You should have a subtle difference in the names of the Painful Panes so that they don't stack up and can take up more inventory space

86 |


9 months ago

Grian, to avoid having to really build the back of a base. Should try and build a 2D base.

67 |

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