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Secret Life: Episode 4 - A NEW ALLIANCE!
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2,032,029 Views • Nov 10, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
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Welcome to the next life series, secret life! We have 30 hearts per life, no regen and a whole bunch of secrets! If you would like to suggest a task, leave it in the comments! Remember we are looking for social interactions and funny content.

We can do /gift to give away 1 free heart per session.

Grian: youtube.com/@grian
Smallishbeans: youtube.com/@SmallishBeans
Smajor1995: youtube.com/@Dangthatsalongname
bigbst4tz2: youtube.com/@Bigbst4tz22
Etho: youtube.com/@EthosLab
BdoubleO100: youtube.com/@bdoubleo
PearlescentMoon: youtube.com/@PearlescentMoon
InTheLittleWood: youtube.com/@martyn
GoodTimeWithScar: youtube.com/@GoodTimesWithScar
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Mumbo Jumbo: youtube.com/@thatMumboJumbo
LDShadowLady: youtube.com/@ldshadowlady

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Views : 2,032,029
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Date of upload: Nov 10, 2023 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


6 months ago

The fact that scar immediately joined in on the singing without any questions is the most scar thing ever

15K |


6 months ago

Task idea: You are now extremely shy. Any time you make eye contact with another player, you must freeze in place completely. No movement, looking around, or speaking. Once eye contact is broken, pretend like nothing happened. You must do this for 20 minutes. All time counted must be around other players.

4.6K |


6 months ago

Task: Find someone who already succeeded their task, ask them what it was, then go do it as well. If you get called out for doing the same task you fail.

3.2K |


6 months ago

Task idea: make everyone believe you’ve failed your task, but every time they ask you what youre task was you tell them an other task. And never the same one.

1.1K |


6 months ago

Task idea: get Mumbo to say “It’s really quite simple!”

5K |


6 months ago

Watching Grian mining is like watching a horror movie, with the poor victim that isn't good at combat trying to fight off the monster, just praying they somehow make it out alive

1.4K |


6 months ago

grian singing that one very long town name at 6:52 has honestly become one of my favorite moments in this series

1.4K |


6 months ago

I noticed, that whenever Mumbo is in the radar, or any other player is in range, Grian will always be on a block or two higher than everybody else. And Now I believe that it is because compared to Mumbo, Grian is so short IRL that he's trying to make himself taller in Minecraft

1K |


6 months ago

It doesnt matter what grian will build in secret life: it will end with him burning it down

6.4K |


6 months ago

Task idea: Convince the entire server to set aside their differences for 10 minutes to have a nice thanksgiving dinner.

797 |


6 months ago

We needed a musical episode. Scar and Grian singing a duet about the items is chefs kiss.

742 |


6 months ago

Grian immediately burning everything he builds makes me want to think that theres a hidden task for each hermit that they have to do every session

1.5K |


6 months ago

Task idea: Convince a player of a mechanic that doesn't actually exist and have them try it. Edits: Hard variant suggested by @SuperSpider9098: show them the mechanic "working" through some clever trick, then have them try it. Convincing more than 1 or a convincing a certain randomized player could also be an option.

7.4K |


6 months ago

Task idea: Work the phrase “bear with me” 20 different times into conversation throughout the session without being called out.

1.9K |


5 months ago

I actually liked the singing task. Mostly because Grian already naturally speaks in a musically rhythmic way that could pass as song or lyric poetry. It's just when and because he's trying to sing that it sounds discordant and obvious (though obvious is kind of the point of this particular task).

196 |


6 months ago

Task Idea: You become a narrator for [player name] and narrate everything/most things they do like a wildlife documentary for half of the session. Potentially a hard task????

497 |


6 months ago

Hard Task idea: Convince 2 people that Grian's skin is secretly based off of Paul McCartney and get them to confront him about it.

910 |


6 months ago

grian singing, and gaslighting people into thinking that hes not singing is one of the funniest things.

1.6K |


6 months ago

I could really feel Grian's stress as he tries so hard to not starve or get slayed inside the mines looking for diamonds.

217 |


6 months ago

task: leave and join the server 5-10 times, each time you have to change something small with your skin, the other players should not question it.

353 |

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