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$10,000 Every Day You Survive In The Wilderness
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They survived longer than I expected lol
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Views : 130,685,870
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Date of upload: Jun 1, 2024 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 week ago

bro their conversation at the end made me cry it was absolutely beautiful

263K |


4 days ago

A2d Soldiers Assemble @A2D πŸ”₯

264 |


9 hours ago

Love the bond of these guys their conversation at the end made me cry it was absolutely beautiful πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜

43 |


8 hours ago

Grizz is a true friend 😒❀

14 |


1 week ago

Grizz is an example of a true friend who is ready to give up and give up a lot of money for a friend. Much respect to him

122K |


1 week ago

Jimmy is single-handedly keeping the brief case industry alive

74K |


4 hours ago

Grizz is a warrior for trying to push through

8 |


9 hours ago

I absolutely LOVE these kind of videos. Ever since the supermarket challenge, I have been waiting for Jimmy to make another one.

31 |


1 week ago

Two single guys woulda started new lives out there forever πŸ˜‚

29K |


4 days ago

A2D billboard for Mr beast is an emotional 😒

627 |


5 hours ago

A2d billboard for Mr. beast is really an emotional one

5 |


7 hours ago

Anyone else following the series? What do you think so far?

4 |


4 days ago

A2D Army ❀❀

1.3K |


4 days ago


1.4K |


6 hours ago

130M in 13 days? He's a beast indeed!

4 |


3 hours ago

Mr. Beast is single handely keeping this platform alive

1 |


4 days ago

A2d soldiers assemble❀

607 |


1 week ago

Grizz is honestly a respectable, understanding person. The fact that he shot the flair even thou he didn't want to for Haze. I respect that

51K |


3 hours ago

Every time at the end of the challenges it just gets so emotional 😭

4 |

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