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confidence playlist🎧
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7,108,976 Views • Apr 12, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
music and images in the video belong to their respective owners, and I do not claim any rights to them!!!

Ariana Grande - Step On Up
Lady Gaga - Love Game
Britney Spears - Gimme More
Britney Spears - Womanizer
Meghan Trainor - NO

Step On Up 00:00-3:14
Love Game 03:15-6:50
Gimme More 06:51-10:51
Womanizer 10:52-14:35
NO 14:36-18:09
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Views : 7,108,976
Genre: Music
Date of upload: Apr 12, 2023 ^^

Rating : 4.953 (1,457/123,246 LTDR)

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User score: 98.25- Masterpiece Video

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 year ago

There's nothing wrong with your eyes. There's nothing wrong with your nose There's nothing wrong with your height There's nothing wrong with your skin There's nothing wrong with your mouth There's nothing wrong with your hair There's nothing wrong with your face There's nothing wrong with your body There's nothing wrong with your hands There's nothing wrong with your fingers There's nothing wrong with your teeth There's nothing wrong with YOU you are perfect. I am so proud of you:) You made it to this far. You are amazing:) Don't give up. NEVER GIVE UP you're pretty You're precious Don't need to be insecure abt your face. You are so beautiful<3 Everyone out there love you:) A lot of people scared to lost you. I love you. Everyone love you. Your friends love you. Your family also love you! Don't listen to those hate comment. They are just jealous of you bc you are very pretty/handsome<3 They are just jealous bc you have special thing inside you and they don't:) You're enough<3

9.1K |


1 year ago

You know it's good when it starts with the iconic track 'Step on up'.

3K |


1 year ago

this aint a playlist this a slaylist

527 |


4 months ago

Music: SLAYED Playlist: REPLAYED Homework: DELAYED Depression: STAYS -NOT MINE (pass it around if u want)

681 |


2 months ago

A message for you guys. You're superior. You're hot. You're fine. You're perfect. You're confident. You're a baddie. You're wanted. YOU GO QUEENS AND KINGS❤👑👑

105 |


1 year ago

For confidence X For models ✓

478 |


7 months ago

Butterflies can inspire humans to embrace change, appreciate beauty, and be resilient. Their vibrant colors and their graceful movement will always remind me of the beauty of the world. Their resilience and sensitivity to environmental changes will encourage me to be aware of my environment. Their short, precious lives will always remind me that we should cherish our lives because life is short. Emerging from their chrysalises symbolizes hope and new beginnings, which will inspire me to believe in positive changes and a brighter future ahead.

158 |


1 year ago

It gives me fashion walking vibe

181 |


8 months ago

Who become a top model with a perfect catwalk whit those song ??? ❤️‍🔥🙋🏽‍♀️

224 |


11 months ago

not me at 3 am walking like a model with my fcking 5'10 height on the first song💀

854 |


11 months ago

need this confidence but school air always hits 😭🕳🚶🏻‍♀

97 |


8 months ago

Girl, it's about vibe, aura. Nothing wrong with you. You're cool, act like it

54 |


11 months ago

The fact that is started with Ariana>>

60 |


1 month ago

My mom literally caught me walkin like a model and was screaming "YASSS WERK!" 🤣

40 |


1 month ago

Someone please like so i can come back❤

78 |


1 year ago

now i have a playlist to play whenever i feel like exercising. thanks for this! 🥳

482 |


8 months ago

Listening to this while doing my make up before a blind date. Boosts my confidence and makes me feel like the prize. :)

153 |


8 months ago

I can't believe I lowered my standards for him and he ignored me . Time to show him who he messed with

271 |


1 year ago

We know its a good playlist when it has Britney and Gaga on it

229 |


6 months ago

0:00 step on up by Ariana grande! 3:15 lovegame — Lady gaga 6:51 — Gimmie more — Britney spears 10:53 — Womanizer by Britney spears 14:35 — NO ! — by megan trainor

817 |

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