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World’s Deadliest Laser Maze!
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176,505,882 Views • Oct 28, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
I can’t believe what happened at the end…
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Views : 176,505,882
Genre: Entertainment
Date of upload: Oct 28, 2023 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


5 months ago

Props to Blake for actually trying to do the courses and making the challenge more entertaining, you should definitely bring him back.

68K |


5 months ago

Man Blake was the most fun guy to watch, he actually made it way more compelling

3.4K |


1 month ago

Blake was insane, literally main character

812 |


1 month ago

Both 4 and 6 deserved the money. well played

260 |


5 months ago

This set needs to be sold for a recurring show. It's insane that this all exists for one episode.

2.3K |


1 month ago

10:06 4 was about run, HE WAS READY 😂

117 |


4 weeks ago

Who's here after blake won the Lamborghini.🙋

296 |


4 weeks ago

Heard someone just holler “YES!” In the distance 😅

54 |


2 weeks ago

it's so sweet how they all worked together and helped each other

31 |


5 months ago

Huge props to the editors and desingers the set was spot on This is absolutely next level content for years to come.

50K |


5 months ago

huge props to the camera man for making it through all those challenges!

4.2K |


8 days ago (edited)

2:09 you're right, it isn't CGI, it's VFX.

9 |


3 weeks ago

@mrBeast sab se badi baat hai ye properly sab ka health ka care late hai.. unke friends or players ki hands up 🙌 love you bro from Indian 🇮🇳

7 |


5 months ago (edited)

Man Blake was the most fun guy to watch, he actually made it way more compelling
Edit: 1.1k!?!

1.2K |


4 weeks ago

Blake actually won more than he could have😁

51 |


1 month ago

BRO whoever does this guys editing needs an academy award...

20 |


4 weeks ago

Who is here after Blake winning?

24 |


4 weeks ago

Пока смотрел видос сам был на нервах и сердце билось полный адреналин через экран мистер Бин ты просто гений 👌🚀

5 |


5 months ago

Huge props to the designers, the set was spot on!

2.2K |


1 month ago

Jimmy’s videos are action movies at this point

17 |

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