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girl in red - A Night To Remember (Official Visualizer)
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99,071 Views • Apr 11, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Official Visualizer for “A Night To Remember” by girl in red

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Directors: Marie & Isak

Producer: Jan Inge Bekken Stakvik @jonnymonny
Prod / 1AD: Jonas Lund

Colorist: Didrik Bråthen @tmls.tv

DOP: Isak Jenssen
1AC: Bernhard Fitzinger
2AC: Mats Høiby
Gaffer: Doan Dominico
Best Boy: Bengt W Simonsen
Prodass: Johannes Riise Undall
Set-design: Carl Andreas Thiis-Evensen, Ole Martin Aaserud og Vemund

Location: Dagslys Oslo
Rental: Kamera Rental Norway
Lab: Focus Film Lab

A night to remember,
Nothing ever felt like
The moment I met her
Perfectly timed
What if I didn’t go out that night?
Took a left instead of a right?
Yeah, missed you by a red light
What could have been?

Can you feel the chemical reaction?
You triggered my desire and attraction
Everything in me wants this to happen
But not tonight…

Cocaine and weirdos
Maybe we should just get goin’?
This is our window
To be alone…
I wonder why sometimes you just know
’Cause this time was one of those
Instantly mutual
To my surprise

Can you feel the chemical reaction?
You triggered my desire and attraction
Everything in me wants this to happen
But not tonight

I don’t believe things are meant to be
But now it doesn’t apply to me
’Cause you and I
Are like stars aligned

The balcony talk with the pinot noir
It could only lead to one thing tonight
So alluring at the bar
With those eyes and that charm
You’re the only thing I had on my mind

It was a night to remember
Nothing ever felt like
The moment I met her
I met the rest of my life

The whisper in my ear
Saying let’s get outta here
Yeah, I’ve never been so light on my feet
She had me wrapped around her finger
And I knew I had to have her
She was everything I’d seen in my dreams…

#girlinred #ANightToRemember #IMDOINGITAGAINBABY
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Views : 99,071
Genre: Music
Date of upload: Apr 11, 2024 ^^

Rating : 4.975 (23/3,731 LTDR)

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


3 months ago

something about watching Marie painting in her visualisers in this album is so satisfying and calming

162 |


3 months ago

a song to remember

109 |


3 months ago

Her voice is just so calming

97 |


3 months ago


36 |


3 months ago

This one is definitely single material, I love it

30 |


3 months ago

she did it again, she made me cry again with her songs

21 |


3 months ago

I am in tears after listening to this song. Over the past few months your music has helped me so much, and this song is ethereal❤

22 |


3 months ago

"the moment i met her i met the rest of my life" 😭😭😭😭

104 |


3 months ago

this is definitely my favorite…it makes me so happy to hear such a cute love song from u in this new era <33

13 |


3 months ago

A singer to remember❤️

4 |


3 months ago


11 |


3 months ago


6 |


3 months ago

I met this girl a year ago, she came to me at my darkest and gave me a hand that night. I was alone and broken but she was there. After having my heart broken by another, i realized who truly was with me the entire time. I gathered the courage to ask her out. We have been dating for 6 months and i love her.

14 |


3 months ago

Espero escuchar todas estas canciones en vivo 🇲🇽💗😿

8 |


3 months ago

An artist to remember for years 2 come 😞🙏🏽

4 |


3 months ago

i was not ready for this song marie, i didnt know how much id be crying to it

3 |


3 months ago

my favorite one ❤

5 |


3 months ago

You are such an incredible artist.

2 |


1 month ago

I'm straight but I love her songs and lyrics so cute ❤

3 |


3 months ago

Like si amas a girl in red

29 |

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