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Ariana Grande - the boy is mine (Official Music Video)
14,454,206 Views • Premiered Jun 7, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
The official “the boy is mine” music video by Ariana Grande.

Listen & download here: arianagrande.lnk.to/eternalsunshine

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Website: www.arianagrande.com/

Director: Christian Breslauer
Production Company: London Alley
Producers: Andrew Lerios, Mike Breslauer
Executive Producers: Luga Podesta, Brandon Bonfiglio
Director of Photography: Andrey Nikolaev
Production Designer: Alexander Delgado
Starring: Ariana Grande, Penn Badgley, Brandy Norwood
Monica Arnold, Nicholas Pistone, Elizabeth Gillies
Post Production Supervisor: Ivan Ovalle
Editor: Luis Caraza Peimbert
Assistant Editors: Tanner Jackson, Chloe Scrushy
Colorist: Matt Osborne
Visual Effects: Digital Axis

#arianagrande #theboyismine

Music video by Ariana Grande performing the boy is mine. © 2024 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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Views : 14,454,206
Genre: Music
Date of upload: Premiered Jun 7, 2024 ^^

Rating : 4.896 (28,085/1,057,161 LTDR)

97.41% of the users lieked the video!!
2.59% of the users dislieked the video!!
User score: 96.11- Overwhelmingly Positive

RYD date created : 2024-06-15T07:30:26.990306Z
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 week ago

Stalking THE stalker is genius

93K |


6 days ago

I love how she specifically picked him for this mv

25K |


21 hours ago

Being Iconic Number 1- Having Monica and Brandy in a song titled the same as one of their hit songs. Being Iconic Number 2- Stalking Penn Badgley who has had his share of stalking in the series "YOU" The person who came up with the idea for this music video needs a raise

259 |


1 day ago

Just like how music videos used to be. Story telling. Bravo

539 |


1 day ago

The boy is mine ❌ The boy is YOU ✔️

2.4K |


1 week ago


51K |


1 day ago

having monica and brandy is so ICONIC 😍

637 |


1 day ago


157 |


1 week ago

Brandy and Monica as the news reporters!!! Iconic!! 👑👑

78K |


1 week ago

she’s like obsessed with him like how he is in “YOU” i love the concept

42K |


1 day ago

I love how her music videos have turned into short films now Ariana Grande dun took off HAM ON THIS RIGHT HERE! a u t h e n t I c v i e w s dun took her career off 2 the next level fr fr no cap

169 |


14 hours ago

Brandy and Monica as the reporters. “Joe Goldberg” as the obsession. This video is iconic!!!

44 |


1 week ago

“So hot” 😭😭😂😭 the deliver on that line, she’s obsessed

34K |


1 week ago

It’s brilliant that ariana paid homage to the original “the boy is mine” by having Brandy and Monica make a cameo in this music video :)

16K |


1 day ago

Brandy/Monica cameo is ICONIC and absolutely required with this title.

94 |


20 hours ago

Here for Penn Badgley ❤❤❤

34 |


1 week ago

Penn Badgley as the love interest that she’s been STALKING is iconic!

6K |


1 week ago

Using Penn Bedgley as the love interest that she’s been STALKING is so genius.

16K |


1 day ago

It’s insaneeee how diverse her music is. Like the amount of different voices she has just in this album is crazy

76 |


1 day ago

The hottest man alive.

19 |

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