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Game Theory: I Analyzed Hello Neighbor Frame By Frame
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3,971,682 Views β€’ Feb 10, 2024 β€’ Click to toggle off description
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The time has come... after YEARS of letting this meme lie dormant it's finally time for me to dissect Hello Neighbor frame by frame. If you're unfamiliar with this meme then I'm sure this will be a fairly confusing episode, but come along for the ride anyway, there's actually some really interesting lore to be found in this series.

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Writers: Matthew Patrick, and Tom Robinson
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, JayskiBean, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Koen Verhagen
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 weeks ago

I like that the new hosts of the channels are being featured on the channel more before MatPat goes, it feels like it'll make the transition a bit easier

22K |


1 week ago

The only thing more savage than MatPat ignoring your desperate tweets begging for attention is MatPat coming back four years later and explaining exactly WHY he ignored your desperate tweets begging for attention. πŸ˜‚

3.4K |


2 weeks ago

Awesome theory!!

2.4K |


1 week ago

I resonate SO much with MatPat's thoughtd at the end
The over relayance in books that "May or may not be canon" or "May or amy not have canon tid bits we wont ever clarify" is exhausting and just makes it unenjoyable
I gebuinely miss when you could rely solely in the games to understand the story and piece the narrative, it feels like Deltarune and Undertale are the only games from "that era" that have stayed true to this sentiment, all major and important things and virtually wverything relevant to the story is maintained solely on the games themselves, and any extra material, like the Spamton Sweepstakes moatly adds some background and connections that likely wouldn't fit in the game (like Noelle's story with Spamton) or just easers for the future, like "find her" with what we presume is Dess' guitar, everything else is immediatly findable in the game itself, and at worst, the files of the game

623 |


2 weeks ago

I really do appreciate that Matt, one of the leaders in over theorizing back in the day, is calling out how insanely obscure, convoluted, and indecipherable ARGs or even just normal β€œmystery” games have gotten.

If I need a 10,000 character Reddit post to guide me through how to properly interpret and consume 3+ forms of media to understand your story that isn’t clever writing, that’s insanity.

It isn’t lazy as it requires more effort, but it’s a β€œworker harder without working smarter” sorta thing that helps no one…
Except of course the IP owners.

2.5K |


1 week ago

Most things in the gane hint that Nicky is dyslexic, the jumbeled letters and the iconic "simming" posters. This might be why his grammar in the trailer is not perfect.

439 |


2 weeks ago

so glad matpat called out how games like fnaf have such an unnecessary reliance on books, they really should not be mandatory to read to even have a slight idea of whats going on in the story

26K |


2 weeks ago

If your game needs you to buy books or a streaming subscription just to know what's going on, you don't have a story and I personally feel your game suffers. I appreciate channels like The Game Theorist that go through and do this so others that aren't as interested or have the funds to do so don't have to just so they can understand what's going on.

406 |


2 weeks ago

I got a theory!
At 9:25 you started talking about the writting in the game. I heard that the main charachter that we play with is actually dyslexic and that is the reason why in games the words are all messed up for example: Missing /Simming. In books we are not in the POV from the main charachter and that is why in books and the short movie words are in normal english.

371 |


1 week ago

Caddi is the perfect person to have be a part of The Game Theorists. He's an absolute unit.

125 |


2 weeks ago

back in 2017 I was lucky enough to run into mat pat one day and got to meet him :) super kind, he happened to ask me what my favorite game was at the moment, and in a panic I said hello neighbor as I was excited to watch his theories on it. for me personally, this episode made me kinda emotional for that reason :) thank you for everything mat pat :D

254 |


1 week ago

I love how with each of these final videos MatPat is trying to send a specific message about how things are changing over the years and how to avoid them. If anyone would notice these trends from all the data he’s gathered, it would be him and honestly at the height of his popularity, I’m glad he’s talking about it openly! We will miss you an awful lot

44 |


2 weeks ago

I like how Matpat actually said how he felt about the game. It almost felt like he was trying super hard to stay civil while still putting his piece in. It was kinda hilarious to watch lol

4.7K |


1 week ago

Theodore Peterson is much like William Afton in regards to the fact we've never heard either character referred to by their 'full name' before in the games. Closest William got was "Mr. Afton", and closest Theodore got was 'Mr. Peterson' in that video.

179 |


2 weeks ago

the nursery rhyme "one for sorrow", generally used to in reference to members of the Corvidae family, the modern variation 13 is typically, "beware it's the devil himself" and each flock of crows was 13. Just a fun observation from an Avian fan!

272 |


1 week ago

My favorite GT video so far because (1) of the intro, (2) the Psychic Friend Fred Bear song was played, (3) Tom was here, and (4) MatPat has his Youtooz merch for us. Glad I was here for it! βœ¨οΈπŸ˜„πŸŽ‰

10 |


2 weeks ago

6:58 Ravens are actually a type of crow, or corvid if you're into taxonomy, so you can use them interchangeably, at least in the same way you can use a square and a rectangle interchangeably i.e. one way.

158 |


1 week ago

About the jumbled up letters, maybe the character you play as is dyslexic
You’re in a first person view after all, while the show is told in 3rd person
Actually since he was locked away for years maybe he’s forgotten how to read

33 |


2 weeks ago

Looks like matpat accepted his fate with his enemy

16K |


2 weeks ago

Hello neighbor seems like a franchise where the creators stumbled onto a really interesting and fun partly because it was unfinished and mysterious. But had no idea what to do with what to do with that foundation. So they just stuff all that space with lot's of lore and questions without a really strong direction. Like the series Lost, where the power was all in the set up, only to have it all fizzle out as those interesting questions turned out to be nothing more than random spooky bs that actually made no sense.

59 |

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