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This week, on Hermitcraft!

This episode covers videos released between Saturday May 13 and Friday May 19, 2023.

β†’ r/hermitcraft Discord: discord.gg/U5QbH9pWG4
β†’ Website: www.hermitcraft.com/
β†’ Twitter: twitter.com/hermitcraft_
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 year ago

Gamer recap as always! Just wanna note though: the minigame Derailed is actually made by Impulse, not Xisuma. Harmless mistake to make but I thought it was worth pointing out! Outside of that, always a treat to have a Zloy episode now and then to spice things up. Hope Pix enjoys his vacation!

854 |


1 year ago

The mental image of Etho secretly being an ordained priest made me chuckle, because I can kind of see it.

333 |


1 year ago

We've been blessed with a random Zloy episode It's like getting an accidental curly fry, a beautiful surprise

795 |


1 year ago

Who has done more harm to Doc? Grian and Scar broke a tunnel bore... that can be repaired. How will Doc repair the impending psychological damage he will suffer because of the return of The Button Game? 🀣🀣🀣🀣

198 |


1 year ago

the lockpicking lawyer bit was amazing! very good joke. Zloy episodes for the win!

412 |


1 year ago

"aren't you like 15?" Okay this is officially the funniest joke sloy had ever written

29 |


1 year ago

WE WOULD DEFINETLY BUY RECAP MERCH yes omg please lyarrah that is a great idea

564 |


1 year ago

"it sounds so dumb yet all of that has happened" i think can describe hermitcraft MANY weeks. great recap, sloy!

148 |


1 year ago

Hope pix is having a nice time! Great job presenting this, sloy.

408 |


1 year ago

"im in spain, but without the s" "Upsetting Doc may be the National Hermitcraft Sport" "I am now going to sleep for a week" this is the first time I've heard zloy, and I already love him

8 |


1 year ago

The LPL clip, the "you played yourself" meme. Sloy is clearly having way too much fun without the supervision of Pixel lmao

15 |


1 year ago

Congrats to Etho, Tango, Cub, and X on their recent marriage!! /j

23 |


1 year ago

I’m so early that Grian and Scar haven’t broken anything extra yet!

39 |


1 year ago

Unexpected lockpicking lawyer reference and I loved it

19 |


1 year ago

To be fair the LPL totally knows the types of locks off of the sound of the keys.

28 |


1 year ago

Zloy you never disappoint laughed so much at the pro lock picker cut πŸ˜‚ ...im at the end now lmao its always a treat when you step in to host 😊

102 |


1 year ago

Hey minor correction for the captions, you have Xisumavoid, GoodTimesWithScar and JoeHills instead of Xisumavoid, Cubfan and JoeHills at 1:07 ! The captions are much appreciated as always! πŸ˜„

14 |


1 year ago

Love the lockpickinglawyer bit. πŸ˜‚ Came up just as I thought, not showing a picture of the keys is not so much a privacy issue as a security issue.

19 |


1 year ago

I really wouldn't be surprised if LPL was able to recreate a key just from the sound it made when jingled.

12 |


1 year ago

1:06 oh my god the timing between the dialogue and the hermits landing is amazing

13 |

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