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Console to Camera | Fallout | Prime Video
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252,614 Views • Apr 5, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Join the cast and executive producers of FALLOUT as they talk about bringing the game to screen.

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Console to Camera | Fallout | Prime Video
   • Console to Camera | Fallout | Prime V...  

Prime Video

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YouTube Comments - 877 Comments

Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 month ago

If it dont crash my browser 3 times per episode it's not Fallout

1K |


1 month ago

Build on it rather than change it. That quote gives me hope.

832 |


1 month ago

It’s funny but a nice little attention to detail that todd is in the overseer’s chair.

381 |


1 month ago

We need a Amazon Prime Script Extender for this one

255 |


1 month ago

This TV series is the most phenomenal adaption I have ever seen. Incredible levels of detail. As a life long fan this almost instantly become one of my favourite shows of all time. That 1st episode was more than enough and it was all uphill from there. SO GOOD

23 |


1 month ago

Man I want to see a deathclaw so badly in this show. I want it to be terrifying and and absolute monster. I want it to be like Darth Vader in rogue one in the hallway scene. An absolutely unstoppable force

637 |


1 month ago

This might be the first time in history we see glitches in a tv show

170 |


1 month ago

Todd has finally found something modders cannot fix.

129 |


1 month ago

16 times the pixels!!

428 |


1 month ago

I love Todd low key sitting in the Overseer’s office

57 |


1 month ago

I'm stoked to see that they shot this on actual 35mm film. I guess it's the Nolan family mission to keep film alive in a big way and I'm here for it. The cinematography looks stunning. 🎞🎞🎞

63 |


1 month ago

"From console"? I'll wait for the PC port.

114 |


1 month ago

That nuke moment at 2:07 captures that Fallout 3 game beginning feeling so well. The little callbacks to the past shown in this trailer also show a deeper story. Very hyped for this...please be good!

156 |


1 month ago

Two episodes in. This show had me smiling the entire time. Ive never seen a film adaptation done so well and stay so true to what the game is. Can’t wait to watch more later! Such a treat. Thanks to everyone involved in the acting and especially in its production.

6 |


1 month ago

The Dweller, The Paladin and The Ghoul...seems badass to me folks.

31 |


1 month ago

1:54 Todd casually dunking on the “Halo” tv series

26 |


1 month ago

Hopefully they also consulted Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky.

128 |


1 month ago

I can never take Todd seriously, “Over a thousand endings” 😂

9 |


1 month ago

2:08 what a shot

5 |


1 month ago

I’m positively jazzed that the show runners have either played or been a part in the previous games in fallout.

24 |

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