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Inside Air Force One During 9/11
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3,380,618 Views • Jun 4, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
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A closer look at how the events of 9/11 unfolded aboard Air Force One.

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1 week ago

Crazy that it was the FAA's national operations manager's (Ben Sliney) first day on the job when it happened.

10K |


1 week ago

I will never get over Flight 93 and the sheer bravery and patriotism of the passengers. It was really just a small group that coordinated the whole thing. All it took was a few people learning about the planes hitting the Towers, and they just knew what they had to do.

13K |


1 week ago

Get this man an HBO show or something; these videos are better than any Smithsonian documentary.

1.8K |


1 week ago

I live in Brazil and I was 13 or 14 back then. I remember my school principal going classroom to classroom to tell the news as soon as our tv stations gave the news. It was a eerie day.

121 |


1 week ago

12:53 there was one other plane that was allowed to fly. It was a small Learjet that had the antidote for a very highly venomous snake that bit somebody in Miami and it flew from San Diego while being escorted by two F-16s.

3K |


1 week ago

4:57 how sad he just wanted a photo of the air force one

3.8K |


1 week ago

3:13 I know this is definitely not the focus of the video, but since no one else is imma point this out: The Air Force One featured in this video is a modified 747-800, as opposed to a modified 747-200B, which has a much smaller upper deck

311 |


1 week ago

Really happy to see this channel reaching its full potential.

96 |

1 week ago

He never thought that his simple day could turn into a national matter

3.1K |


1 week ago

I remember an interview of an F15 pilot who protected the Air Force One along the way. At some point they realized that, if it came to an attack on the plane, they had one simple job: put themselves between the attacker and the president. I habe massive respect to everybody involved.

513 |


3 days ago

I was in 2nd grade living in Manhattan and I got picked up from school by my parents during lunchtime. When we got home I saw it on tv and thought it was a movie playing

17 |


1 week ago

I was a kid when this happened. Still went to school but no classes were teaching, the entire school had their tv's on watching this news unfold.

20 |


1 week ago

My uncle was one of the pilots that flew the president on 9/11! He always brings that story out during thanksgiving lmfao

4.2K |


1 week ago

You know 9/11 is a crazy event when there is still videos being posted about it 23 years later and still being relevant and getting plenty of views. Please make more videos about this topic, so much mystery to uncover.

1.9K |


1 week ago

Ngl you deserve to be on trending, happy you are.

28 |


4 days ago

I was in 3rd year in my university in Ottawa, Ontario. I can never forget this day. It will forever be ingrained in my mind.

8 |


1 week ago

Slight typo error at 8:30 - Dick Cheney was not the 64th VP, he was the 46th.

1.8K |


1 week ago

That’s insane, imagine your the president at a elementary school with children with no worries, then out of nowhere you get news that your country is under attack, and you can’t do anything about it, absolutely terrible.

1.9K |


4 days ago

I was born and raised in Sarasota and I had the honor of having that elementary teacher as one of my middle school teachers. She had retired this year and was commemorated for her calmness during the event by my principle.

5 |


5 days ago

It's amazing that as time goes on, more and more secrets unfold, even after 23 years later

10 |

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