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Hermitcraft 10: Episode 8 - THE PERMIT OFFICE
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2,187,368 Views • Mar 5, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Hermitcraft 10: Episode 8 - THE PERMIT OFFICE Grian is back on hermitcraft trying to put the fun in.. bureaucracy

#hermitcraft #minecraft
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Views : 2,187,368
Genre: Gaming
Date of upload: Mar 5, 2024 ^^

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2 months ago

The last question on the form should be “add another question to the form” so that the form just gets progressively longer and longer the for each hermit that gets a permit

2.6K |


2 months ago

i just want the last one to be "Did you vote Mumbo Jumbo for mayor back in season 6" and if they say no they have to write a full page essay justifying their actions

2.1K |


2 months ago

Grian should have a bunch of alter egos. Then he should tell people "I can't grant you a permit, but you should schedule a meeting with the head of the department of officiality, Dr. Joseph Griansworth." Then he meets with the hermits wearing a different skin and refers them to a different alter ego so they never get to someone who is actually willing to grant their permit

2.7K |


2 months ago

Make them submit paperwork into a chest, and after the item is sucked out of the chest, have a dispenser click and have the hermits hear the sound of an item burning. It'd be even better if occasionally it fired a book back at you that said 'processing error'

1.7K |


2 months ago

A question you could add is, "Do you have proof of residency?" With them needing a map and coordinates of their base. Then, the next question could be, "Do you have an unclaimed location for your prospective shop?" With a map of the plot they are going to build their shop on. And the last question being, "Do you have reasonable proof of a sustainable customer basis?" And they'd need a book with the signatures of at least 3 Hermits that would be their customers.

5.4K |


2 months ago

A "Suggestions Box" that is a little redstone gadget that visibly sends their suggestion immediately into a fire.

3.1K |


2 months ago

Question ideas: Have you evicted a snail in the last three days? Did you enter through the correct door? Have you cast your rod thrice beneath the dome? Do you understand redstone wizardry? Have you collected the rent from your neighbour?

571 |


2 months ago

office suggestions: 1. A weirdly long waiting line that's sectioned off with belts (you could use chains) or floor markers like arrows or just a line that leads to the desk. 2. Give hermits slips with random numbers to let them know where they are "in line". Then call out random numbers out of order. 3. there needs to be a complicated system to make an appointment so that you have even less customers. 4. A test to receive new permits.

225 |


2 months ago

You'll have to remember if the Permit Office is closed, to put a 'Gone Fishing' sign up.

4.9K |


2 months ago

Idea: - Have a note block that makes the bat squeak sound once every minute and blame it on a mice infestation. - Make a waiting room with a light that constantly flickers that the hermits need to stay in before filling out the form

3.8K |


2 months ago

Paperwork questions: - Is moon big? - Have you exited this building through three different ways? - Do you have permission to sign this form from pas, present and future you?

281 |


2 months ago

Grian you should put a contraption saying "have questions? Tell me on this slip of paper!" and there's clearly a dropper leading to lava under it

193 |


2 months ago

You should add a “back room” that is really just there so you can get away from the customer, like it’s just an empty room with a single chair and an exit door so you can say “ let me just check in the back”

3.1K |


2 months ago

Collects lots of clay -> Build has no clay at all

5.3K |


2 months ago

I think the left-handed option feels weird because the arm isn’t mirrored, it’s just moved over. In other words, it’s still the right hand, it’s just on the wrong side. Edit: the skin texture is mirrored, but the angle of the arm doesn’t seem to be. The right arm points inward, but the left arm points outward

154 |


2 months ago

oh dude.... as someone with an inconsistency in their records i cannot emphasize enough how perfectly accurate the permit office is. incredible. keep it up man this is gonna be so good

28 |


2 months ago

It needs a long, winding queue like at Disneyworld. It needs a basement filled with bookshelves where you can go and be like, "I'm sure that book I need is somewhere..." It needs a water cooler. It needs a lot named zombies to work as workers, and one creeper (people assume he's a diversity hire). It needs a coffee machine that doesn't work. It needs a kitchen with a passive aggressive note on the fridge. It needs motion-sensitive lights that turn off if there's not enough player movement, so anytime you go there, it's always dark and filled with hostile mobs. It needs an office for the manager. The manager needs a mug. It needs an atmosphere of despair. Pure, utter despair.

1.1K |


2 months ago

Your permit office needs a lot of seats in the waiting room with a number system. Have the Hermits pull pieces of paper with high numbers like "100" or "1000", but have a big sign saying "NOW SERVING NUMBER 2". You can also say their paperwork will take up to 3-5 business days to process, but in reality it'll be more like 3-5 months... if they're lucky.

1.1K |


2 months ago

I love how pro builders gush over other pro builders in these games. It's wholesome like how a little girl loved an idol. That idol loves a bigger idol, and that bigger idol loves an even bigger idol. Just people appreciating one another.

24 |


2 months ago

"Did you notice anything strange?" Grian I literally could not focus on anything you said for the first minute and a half because I was so weirded out by the hand being on the wrong side

14 |

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