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Hermitcraft 10: Episode 10 - INDUSTRIAL EXPANSION
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2,004,383 Views • Mar 16, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Hermitcraft 10: Episode 10 - INDUSTRIAL EXPANSION Grian is back on hermitcraft and making some farms!

Mushroom farm by Juras6x:    • Grians Brown Mushroom & Mushroom Stem...  

Bonemeal farm disclaimer: The design is likely copied from other content, not the named creator. Original creator (Possibly): 明月庄主

Please hold (radio edit) by Jono -    • Please Hold - Jono (Radio Version)  
Please hold (full version) by Jono -    • Please Hold - Jono (Hermitcraft Permi...  
Jono's Website: www.sockgangpublishing.com/

Disclaimer: New audio equipment, still working out some settings.

#hermitcraft #minecraft
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Views : 2,004,383
Genre: Gaming
Date of upload: Mar 16, 2024 ^^

Rating : 4.985 (478/123,661 LTDR)
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 months ago

Thank you so much @Grian for using the design! yes it requires a little tweaking for multiplayer servers. It worked really well on our SMP. Well done for becoming a Redstone GOD!!!

2.3K |


2 months ago

Scar being miserable and patiently waiting while Joel basically holds Grian at gunpoint. Perfectly summarizes both of their characters

6.1K |


2 months ago

I really hope that Grian puts a "employee of the month" wall in the permit office and it's just all him. Tho I have a feeling the inside might never get finished. Call it a hunch 😂

1.9K |


2 months ago

I love how Grian was attempting to create the most extreme stereotypes of a permit office... and somehow Joel managed to become the most extreme, annoying stereotype of a customer... annoys Grian in extreme ways until he opens, then requests the most rediculous thing, complaining the whole time XD

708 |


2 months ago

The pure panic in X's voice when he realized he didn't have a permit for the shop he built 2 feet away from the permit office 😂

7.9K |


2 months ago

I love how Joel's reaction and Scar's reaction to being put on hold are both "No," but in very different ways.

4K |


2 months ago

“If we didn’t follow the rules there’d be anarchy!” Also grain when government exists: 💥💥💥💥

1.9K |


2 months ago

I love the different reactions betweeen Scar and Yoel being placed on hold. Scar starts crying, Joel goes insane in the background

433 |


2 months ago

17:18 Grian really likes easter eggs in these permits, huh? MRVSHEP07 = Mycelium Resistance VS Hermit Environment Protection, Season 7. Nice. (The one for Scar's was MJYAAFK06 = Mumbo Jumbo You Are AFK, Season 6; I'll admit I didn't notice until I saw it on TVTropes.)

2.6K |


2 months ago

The permit office's second door should be a parkour challenge that literally makes you jump through hoops to get in

3.4K |


2 months ago

idk why, but "Ah, you're in luck!" right as it cuts away from Grian advancing towards the chicken is hilarious to me.

338 |


2 months ago

The composter is there for Lag Reduction, when a hopper has nothing over it, its CONSTANTLY checking if there is any items it can pick up which causes a lot of lag on servers. When a container is placed on top of a hopper it only needs to check each slot that a container holds, and because a composter only has one slot (for the bonemeal it makes) its the most efficient at reducing lag! Breaking the composter wont break the contraption, it just might cause some minor lag. Hope this gives a little insight! (Question asked @ 6:40 )

257 |


2 months ago

Grian, I don't think the DHP office is annoying enough. You know what it really needs? A queue. Don't open the office until a certain number of Hermits need to go there (the number is random between 2-5), and once in, each one has to push a button on a dispenser where they take a number (random between 1 - 100), then you go up slowly until their number is called, and that's where you annoy them with the music while the rest have to wait for their turn. 🤣

2.8K |


2 months ago

I feel like Grian should hire an "assistant" at the permit office who is completely useless, and doesn't know any of the forms, so they constantly have to ask Grian. Thus allowing Grian to actively waste two Hermit's time simultaneously. Would be even funnier if the assistant knew one ultra obscure thing that will likely never happen like: form to request the trade of a permit between two hermits involved in a feud that wish to trade permits while simultaneously skydiving. When it comes to that form the assistant knows EXACTLY where the form is, how to fill and file it etc.

14K |


2 months ago

Gotta love Joel holding Grian at swordpoint the whole way to the office.

320 |


2 months ago

19:05 I feel like I've been brainwashed by the fisherman, because now clean-shaven Grian looks so wrong.

151 |


2 months ago

Grian's permit office is going to end one of two ways: 1: People just ignore permits and do what they want 2: An armored bulldozer snail drives through the permit office

7.3K |


2 months ago

9:00 Grain discovering what it feels like to fix a bug in programming, really does make you feel like you are the master of reality for a bit- until the next bug comes along.

1.7K |


2 months ago

When Joel comes back and says he put the eyes on the skull, you should be like "you... you do realize that's vandalism right? You've just defaced Gem's property, sorry I can't help someone with this kind of criminal record"

46 |


2 months ago

Joel and grian getting into a SCREAMING fight around 15:57 had me DYING I need Lizzie and Mrs. Grian’s POV of this omg😂

138 |

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