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139,077 Views • Sep 17, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
This week, on Hermitcraft!

Learn to play from Tango:    • How to Play Decked Out 2!  

Rules correction: we said Clank still opens "viewing windows" for the mobs; this was the Decked Out 1 equivelent. For a better explanation, check the link above!

This episode covers videos released between Saturday September 9 and Friday September 15, 2023.

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Views : 139,077
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


8 months ago

One thing I would like to note, Clank does not actually open more viewing windows. That was a purely Decked Out 1 feature. There is no particular hazard to more Clank aside from getting closer to maximum, but you really don’t want to hit the maximum. The only time where your level Clank matters instead of just the maximum is the levels with wardens, where each level exposes more calibrated skulk sensors, meaning Wardens can aggro from farther away, and at max clank, any noise made will aggro all wardens on the level.

745 |


8 months ago

Quick note: This episode was supposed to include and cover GeminiTay's over an hour long Decked Out The Movie. We will cover it next week, because in the overwhelming barrage of content it simply slipped from my memory, and I only realized we missed it when it was time to upload!! My bad, Gem fans, we'll give Gem plenty of coverage next episode, promise!! ~Sloy

1.2K |


8 months ago

All hail the new overlord of Hermitcraft, Tango of the Tek variety

1.3K |


8 months ago

im surpised nobody started building a tcg arena inside the decked out waiting area

957 |


8 months ago

I still can't believe that Doc of all people ended up being the guy that ended up falling down the trap door.

641 |


8 months ago

2:26 using scar's footage to talk about the compass was absolutely filthy And I'm all for it

152 |


8 months ago

I really was expecting the opening to be “This week, on Decked Out 2.”

294 |


8 months ago

I really enjoyed the cut of "A place to drop off the kids", and Gem immediately turns to face the camera. Well done.

266 |


8 months ago

The number of Hermits struggling with the mechanisms around the game is enlightening for all with an interest in user experience design. From the entrance having vital things off to the side instead of in front of you (where the thing you do afterwards is) to how the shop works have all caused significant difficulties that just baffled Tango because of course he knows how it all works…

105 |


8 months ago

0:49 "They even got a bedroom, and a place to drop off the kids." Pix - 2023

78 |


8 months ago

Everyone's talking about how impressive Decked Out 2 is as an achievement of survival Minecraft--which it obviously is--but I think it's impressive simply as an achievement of game design. Tango could remake it in a different game engine, and it would still be an interesting and fun experience.

12 |


8 months ago

Real ones remember when Tango made Among Us in Minecraft, but seriously. Tango is an absolute beast, and the level of skill and creativity on display with his game projects is always so so amazing and so cool

246 |


8 months ago

Someone needs too make a custom horn saying "I have been robbed and I have been wronged"

204 |


8 months ago

I love how the waiting room has been accepted as a daycare center

47 |


8 months ago

Finding out after googling that there's TFC artifact made me tear up. I know the True Hermit probably wouldn't have played, but man is it special to see TinFoilChef honored and commemorated.

8 |


8 months ago

This is one of our longest episodes ever! So it's coming to you without subs at first in the interest of getting it out closer to on time 😅 Edit: captions up! While you're waiting on that - what was your favorite Decked Out run of all this week? And who surprised you the most?

659 |


8 months ago

Really love that the „washed up“ joke caught on. But etho is here to prove everyone wrong with these decked out runs

69 |


8 months ago

If you like decked out and you like board games, you might like the board game "Clank!" Not sure if Tango has mentioned it before but the premise is basically the same. You sneak into a dragons lair to search for artifacts, with deeper levels yeilding more valuable loot. As you play you build a bigger and better deck which helps you in your quest Edit: Tango has in fact mentioned before that some of the core mechanics are inspired by Clank!

15 |


8 months ago

9:10 I can sense Pix's pain having to read those few lines of the script

85 |


8 months ago

I love the fact that three separate hermits (so far!) have turned their alcove into themselves entirely independently

21 |

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