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Big event happening today!! The hermits and guests will be participating in a charity Livestream for Gamers Outreach. I am participating but not streaming. Please tune in later today - it starts over on scars Twitch. There is also an auction over the weekend as part of the fundraiser. There are some items from me including handmade pottery produced exclusively for this auction and 3 commissioned paintings from the community that mimic hoffen's original mending book painting from season 10!


Donate here:…

Even a single dollar goes a long way! Thank you for reading and see you later for the event!

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24 HOURS LEFT on the Signed TCG Pre-Order!! Check them out here: This is the last opportunity to get your hands on the collectors edition - Please be aware they will be shipping close to the end of the year, so they might make a good Holidays present! Thank you to everyone who got one already!


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The IRL Hermitcraft TCG preorder is ending today!! Here is the art for my cards both common and full art - pretty cool if you ask me! If you want to secure an order you can do so here:

Disclaimer: this promotion is not a paid post, but I will receive a small royalty from the sales of the cards as will the other hermits.

Hope you guys get the cards you want!

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LAST CHANCE EVERYONE! The Merch sale is coming to an end and you have only 24 HOURS to get your orders in! The Christmas jumper has SOLD OUT, but you can still order one (but it will arrive in 2023). We only have 160 Colour block hoodies left!!! If you want to get one in time for the holidays, now is your chance!!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who got one, I hope you LOVE IT!

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Back in July to celebrate the launch of Minecraft 1.19, The Wild Update, we had an amazing stream of the Minecraft Rooted Together DLC and together we helped Mojang Studios raise over $227,000 (USD) for the Nature Conservancy (Of which we as a community contributed over $20,000!). Today, Minecraft released a new video showcasing the how these funds are helping restore mangrove forests. Check it out on Minecraft’s YouTube channel here: I featured in it!

Because of this collaboration I took the time to visit some mangroves myself when I was in Ghana and they are absolutely stunning. It was incredible to work on this project. I've included some of my own photos of the Mangrove forest I visited! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who contributed, you are amazing.

@minecraft @nature_org

#MinecraftPartner #Sponsored

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SUPER EARLY BIRD COMMUNITY MERCH DROP! Go to: to check out this years merch. I've been working on these behind the scenes for months, I had a real vision for these two jumpers. I'm so proud of the 3rd life holiday jumper and there is a real risk that these will sell out as lots have been sold before I even opened the store which is INSANE! There are a seriously limited number of these!

Anyway, check it out and get your orders in early and PLEASE read all the info regarding shipping particularly on youth sizes!

P.s. There is a slight colour change in the store version as I am modelling a sample version, what you see on the website is the correct colouring!

Thank you all!

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Hey all! I'm back from my trip to Ghana and have plenty of footage to share with you all! However I am taking a bit more time to enjoy the summer before diving back into videos! Next video will probably be next week! (And it will be a good one!) Thank you for your patience and remembering I am a human being who needs to enjoy life!

Bonus content: Here is a picture of me and Nana at the school in Ghana.

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Check out tomorrow’s very special Minecraft stream at 12 pm PT/ 8 pm BST in support of The Nature Conservancy! Mangroves are essential to conservation and we’ll find out why. We'll be playing through the "Rooted Together" free DLC on Minecraft Marketplace. As a lot of you know, conservation efforts are dear to me and I was thrilled to partner up with Minecraft on this project and hopefully learn and share information about the newest tree added to Minecraft - Mangroves! We will be streaming here on the main Grian channel, please stop by!

#MinecraftPartner #spon

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Hey all! Double life will be uploaded tomorrow instead of today.

Unfortunately the news broke today of the sad passing of technoblade, a talented and respected minecrafter in the community. I had the pleasure of teaming with him in MCC pride and enjoyed every second of it.

The news hit me particularly hard this morning and I felt that it was not the right day to be uploading a video. Some members may have their videos scheduled already so some pov's may be released before they wake up.

My thoughts go out to his family, friends and followers. Please take care of each other.

Rest well Tech.

2 years ago - 71K likes

Hey all! I need YOUR help for a video! I need you to tell me what the WORST looking blocks are in Minecraft for building, literally the ugliest blocks you can think of. Try to include at least 1 with stairs and slabs. Doesnt matter if they are rare or not.

P.S. I'm working on the next HC video which will be out in a few days.