Mothica - Blackout (Official Music Video)
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forever fifteen ep - MARCH 19
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Written and directed by Ian Rowe
Story by Mothica
Editing and VFX by Dillon Petrillo
Cinematography by Matthew Rome
Color by Ayumi Ashley
Score by Nick Seeley
Beelzebub / Demon - Dane Diliegro
SFX hair and makeup - Sasha Glasser
SFX hair and makeup assistant - Chelsea Delfino
1st AC - Amina Zadeh
Gaffer - Steve Forbes
Gaffer - Quinn Brudos-Sommers
Styling by Mothica
Set dressing - The Junk Fairy (my mom!)
Location - Bonnie McKee
Production assistant - Keegan Carnahan
Set photographer - Drew Cockrell
Associate Producer - Max Landwirth

Special thanks:
Danny Celis
Emily Eichman
Brit Freece
Jason Joyce
Freddie Whitman
Laura Nguyen
Jamal Kurosawa

Galdes Fine Lighting and Grip

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Katie G, Ashton P, Gabbs V, Allyssa N, Angel S, Athena E, Cassidy M, Peyton R, Chris, M, Ella Y, Liza T, Laura J, Ashley H, The Disney Kitten Shop, Alyssa Van Vliet, Tatianna’s Closet, Kenny, Steph, Galina, Nic=Bob, Em, Alex52698, Ryan K, Vishwanathan, Urik B, Shelbi C, Arissa V, Bobby R, Becky D, Mikayla S, Gabriella B, Brianna S, Jenn K, Sonja S, Leah P, Alexander P, Christopher M, Kaleigh D, Sumiko Y, Stephanie T, Kyra W, Kelsey J, Ashley K, Walter P, Jacob R, Katie S, Meagan A, Waverly Friday, Travis S

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McKenzie Ellis, known professionally as Mothica, is an American singer. She grew up in Oklahoma City and began producing music when she was 18 years old. Since 2015, she has produced a dozen albums and singles distributed across several online musical streaming platforms such as on Spotify, SoundCloud and Bandcamp along with numerous collaborations and features with other musicians known by "Nydge", "PUSHER", "Crywolf", and "Icarus Moth". In June 2020, a TikTok video she posted that included her song "VICES" went viral, providing greater notability as a musician and singer.

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i can’t wait until mothica gets the recognition she deserves

2 years ago - 801 Likes

Eijdjdjd Asdfghjkl

Are we going to ignore the fact that this is a work of art, all of the small details continue to amaze me I can’t stop watching this! All of the blue tones, the eyes when she saw herself turning into something she didn’t want to be. The lonely no more how awesome the shadow of beezlebub when he’s growing. How they dance is magnetic and an excellent representation of the feeling. Mothica really do be pulling through with amazing lyrics, sound, cinematography, dance everything you can think of also she’s so pretty 😩 also I love beezlebubs expressions! 💙

2 years ago - 414 Likes

Maria Alessandra Galati

"I've always been my own worst enemy, blaming on my own anxiety"
Sooo relatable.

2 years ago - 348 Likes

Jasmine Gold

Everything is blue 💙
Her flask
Her earrings
Her eyes
And she’s dancing with a metiphorical demon in the middle of the night and he’s bluuuuuuue bluuuuuuue

2 years ago - 164 Likes

death to a delicate ghoul

This is why it's so important to have a support system. Recovery is hard work, and doing it alone is almost impossible. We all need someone who can help intervene when our demons try to drag us into the deep end. I hope y'all stay safe, especially now that we're all isolated because of the pandemic. We're stronger together 💓

2 years ago - 147 Likes

Sussy Baka

Came here to simp the devil, stayed for the absolute banger this song is.

2 years ago - 334 Likes

anjeni gilliam-salman

The way is this is literally a whole cinematic masterpiece that displays the authenticity and history of what Mothica had to go through. And in such a creative way too!! Now she is shining!! 💙


2 years ago - 226 Likes

Coney. jpeg

This is the most underrated thing I've ever seen, it has a wonderful message, the art, contrasting colours and symbolism are so well executed and the song is so beautiful

2 years ago - 47 Likes


Well, they tried their best to warn me (warn me)
That you would only turn me blue (turn me blue)
But nothing could have stopped me (nothing could stop me)
From falling right into you (into you)

Hold me down
I'll do anything you tell me to

Baby, when I blackout
I'm not coming back down
I've always been my own worst enemy
Blame it on my own anxiety

I can barely be around you (be around you)
It's the hardest thing I'll ever do (ever do)
Bound to live without you (live without you)
'Cause I've got better things to do (things to do)

Let me out
After everything you put me through

Baby, when I blackout
I'm not coming back down
I've always been my own worst enemy
Blame it on my own anxiety

I'm losing my magic
Not thinking, calm me down
In love with my madness
Until I drown

Baby, when I blackout
I'm not coming back down
I've always been my own worst enemy
Blame it on my own anxiety

2 years ago - 62 Likes


I think this is my favorite song off of the album, mostly because of my battle with addiction, it really hits home for me. About to be 1 year 6 months sober though 🥳🥳

2 years ago - 25 Likes

Wasn't Me

Omg all of her songs are so addicting WHY DOES IT NOT HAVE MILLIONS OF VIEWS???

1 year ago - 1 Likes

Rachel Van Dusen

I love the story telling in this video and production put into this. The make up, costumes, props, lighting-pairs so well with her song/performance.
I feel like music video aren’t made like this as often lately. So lovely to see all the work and artists vision coming together.

2 years ago - 9 Likes

mona Valovicova

One day, this artist. One day will be Mothica really famous. And we all will be able to say that we was here With her since her early beginings! 🖤💢🤍❤️💜💙🤎

2 years ago - 243 Likes


can we talk about how incredibly well produced her music videos are??? THIS IS SPECTACULAR

2 years ago - 0 Likes

Jessica Murphy

I just discovered her about 15 minutes ago and I'm hooked. Every song I can relate to. I cant wait for a full album.

1 year ago - 2 Likes

Ercelk The Furious

Can I just say this music video is an absolute masterpiece!!! And hot damn how did I never find this on my YouTube!? Her voice is amazing !!

2 years ago - 0 Likes

Julianna Bates

The story, the visuals, the understanding. Mothica seriously deserves all the recognition!

2 years ago - 0 Likes


A estética desse clip é perfeita, além de ser muito divertido e.... Crianças não invoque o demônio sozinhos em casa, Mothica rainha 🖤

1 year ago - 0 Likes


And thats on the most underated artist who deserves more recognition

2 years ago - 254 Likes

Camille Lamothe

Her music videos are always so stylistically beautiful 🥺 These are really getting me through quarantine lol

2 years ago - 0 Likes