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Maybe in another life ° playlist
1,578,367 Views • Mar 18, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
Hii!! Another playlist is here!! We are already 400 people ♡

↶ೃ✧˚. ❃ ↷ ˊ-

0:00 → Novo Amor - State Lines
03:25 → Zach Webb - Found
08:35 → New Home · Austin Farwell
10:42 → Instupendo - Comfort Chain
13:48 → Tom Rosenthal - It's OK
17:08 → FKJ - Ylang Ylang
20:41 → Tom Rosenthal - Go Solo
23:11 → Quiet Resource
26:46 → Roar - I Can’t Handle Change
30:06 → Tom Rosenthal - Lights Are On

↶ೃ✧˚. ❃ ↷ ˊ-

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Views : 1,578,367
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 year ago

No, I have taken a decision. No more waiting for our paths to meet again. I will feel full again just with myself. Myself is trying to make everyone happy, time to make myself happy too.

2.1K |


1 year ago

"That's it," I said. No more wondering where you are in huge crowds, no more waiting for you in the hallways, no more constantly checking if you're active, no more looking at my phone hoping each notification is you, no more thinking about you and what you're probably doing, no more asking our friends how you are, no more smiling and reminiscing each little interaction, no more waiting for you, no more of you.

1.2K |


1 year ago

I'm leaving this comment here so after a month or a year when someone likes it, I get reminded of this song

80 |


1 year ago

Sometimes, you will meet someone and say to yourself that he is your soulmate, you matched, you clicked but it's impossible for you to be together, that's the saddest part. U decided to part ways and grow on ur own paths. It's hard to let go, but needs to do it. I wish him happiness and fulfillment of his dreams.

89 |


1 year ago

Maybe in another life I can feel your touch Maybe in a different space I can fall in love again with your kisses Maybe when I don't lose my words every time you get close to me Can I then gaze into your Beautiful brown eyes Waiting for your voice In this rollercoaster we call life Maybe when am done Falling in love with you Is when I can tell you How much I really adore you

257 |


1 year ago

Its okay to miss the old days with them . Yes theY have hurt u but you have to forgive yourself first and then forgive them cause you have a beautiful kind heart that they’ve lost forever . We are no longer waiting for them , its our time , our journey that has started now . Wish you the best , stay safe and i love you all 🦋stay strong angels

65 |


9 months ago

Maybe in another life... Maybe in another life it will be me for whom you waited the most Maybe in another life I will be the owner of your smiles Maybe in another life I will be the one to make you happy Maybe in another life I will be your hope Maybe in another life I'll be your love at first sight Maybe in another life I will be your soulmate Maybe in another life we will see the sunsets together holding hands Maybe in another life I can touch your pretty lips Maybe in another life I can be yours Maybe in another life we can dance in the rain Maybe in another life we will train together Maybe in another life I'll be your first option Maybe in another life we will spend Christmas together Maybe in another life we will love each other...

54 |


1 year ago

this playlist makes me love life even more, and I didn't think it was possible

379 |


1 year ago

perfectly depicts that magical feeling of longing to be somewhere up in the hills, the countryside, the icy wind, autumn, being free, and falling in love

180 |


1 year ago

Close your eyes and live the life you want... in your mind.

64 |


1 year ago

I wanna be where you are. If you are in a good place, I wanna be there. If you are in a bad place, I wanna be there. I don't care what you think of yourself. I know how hard life can be on you. I don't care what you think of yourself. Because nothing is gonna change what I think of you. Wherever you are, no matter where I am, My heart will always reach out to you, and even if life demands we stay away, I know some day we will meet again.

42 |


1 year ago

Maybe in another life, you'll belong to me...

53 |


1 year ago

To the one who I can never end up with in this life, I told you countlessly that maybe in another life, maybe in another universe, we could be together. I know we felt the same. That warmth, that comfort, and that relief everytime we spend time together. I know you felt it too. You asked me once, if I can choose you, if we can start anew. Here’s my answer. Despite the fact that my heart longs for you, that I suffer secretly and weep at night thinking of the possibilities, I can’t risk my heart again for someone like you. It would shatter into pieces to the point that no one can repair it anymore, not even myself. So no, I take back what I said. I refuse to meet you again. Not even in another lifetime. If you truly love me, I want you to know this. I long for you, my heart calls your name, but I will not follow my heart this time. Because doing that will be my greatest defeat. Farewell to the man I long for. Farewell, Y.

31 |


1 year ago

You said you were sorry now I'm listening to a playlist to make me cry cause tears don't fall for you, I did, trying to forgive myself for that now

21 |


7 months ago

This music is the perfect reminder that life is worth living. I wish everyone who clicked on this video the most love, peace and abundance. You’re so much closer than you realize. I love you

17 |


1 year ago

POV: You lost the one person who truly knew you and cared for you in the way you wanted.

115 |


11 months ago

My friend asked me what I thought a marriage looks like & I had so many answers running through my mind— but because I always think of the perfect answer and never want to feel like I’m over saying things I said “ making life easier for one another” I actually don’t think that marriage is that simple but rather I think marriage is complex — many people say that marriage is always complicated but I believe it isn’t, I believe is pouring into the person and loving them wholeheartedly, accepting them and supporting them no matter what, I believe in the type of love that old movies show — the easy, sweet and chivalrous kind of love, the love that flows through your veins and gives you stories to share with your children, I believe in handwritten letters and deep conversations about wounds and times you’ve felt let down. I believe marriage doesn’t exist without love — What is a marriage based on love to me? Love is the little things. The countless unplanned stares. The sweet smiles when you hear their name. When that person is on your mind at random times for no reason. Wanting to be around that person for hours. Looking into each other's eyes and just knowing what you both feel. It's talking about stupid things, but never wanting to say goodbye. Holding on to everything they've ever said. Making memories. The daydreams The actual dreams that you never want to wake up from Finding any reason to bring that person up in a conversation — being completely intrigued by that person's mind and how in sync you feel with them Talking about everything you don't like & all the things you do. Trying to get through problems. Failing at trying to solve them. It's the little arguments. The movie dates. The hugs where you never want to let go. Laughing at everything. Embarrassing ourselves in front of one another. The tears. The way their voice brightens your day. Never wanting to give up. It's when you see a future with someone. It's writing that persons name over and over again because you like the way it looks and sounds — It's the cheesy pick up lines. The silly faces are made at each other. The support for each other. It's trust. It's putting in everything you got. It's letting down your guard. It's sharing things like favorite colors & movies. It's finding all the things you have in common and all the things that are different. It's feeling like everything's a dream, but realizing it's reality. It's doing things like staring at the stars and going for walks. It's noticing each other in a crowd. Noticing how their eyes sparkle in the sun. Or how their voice squeaks when they giggle. It's being consumed. It's being intrigued by everything about them. It's being happy. Being sad. Even being mad. Fighting for each other. Teasing each other playfully. Being comfortable with someone. Not feeling the need to hide. Not feeling the need to change. Getting butterflies. Feeling alive. Feeling wanted. It's the hour-long talks. It's the jokes... That can sometimes go too far. It's helping someone conquer their fears. Bringing someone's fairy tales to life. Believing in each other. Feeling free. Seeing each other break. It's listening. It's being goofy. It's adoring someone. It's keeping each other strong. It's overreacting. apologizing. It's dealing with mood swings. It's wanting to spend all your time with that person. Not being able to describe your feelings. It's crazy and beautiful. Its loving someone's personality. Loving their heart. It's forgetting about everything else because that person consumes your mind. It's caring too much. It's heart warming It's having wonderful children together, buying a home together, making the house a home, creating a love the children you have together always look up to. I believe marriage complex — but marriage is never hard it’s beautiful — it is abundant, it lasts once in the world and forever in Jannah :)

15 |


11 months ago

For those who is listening to this music, you’re not alone, you’re so beautiful and deserve a beautiful life. If you want to cry, just cry and tomorrow it will be a day full of sunshine. Don’t let those negative thought kill you. You’re strong!!!

34 |


1 year ago

We were just friends, that spoke like lovers and that seemed to be enough for two Teenagers who were too scared to love one another And now we go different paths

47 |


1 year ago

Hey everyone... I’m playing this because I have a writing block even I’m near the due date. I start listening to this. Listen to it slowly and relax. I’m sure you’ll be able to finish what you’ve started, just like I did. I believe in you, so believe in yourself too💗 Best of luck 🤗💗

78 |

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