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Saudi Arabia Just Ditched The US Dollar (How This Affects You)
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1,414,753 Views • Jun 10, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Saudi Arabia Just Ditched The US Dollar (How This Affects You)
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4 days ago

Isn't odd that this story is nowhere on mainstream media?

5.3K |


2 days ago

Printing trillions of dollars was an insult to anyone holding dollars. Devaluation of the dollar to drive down American debt was a mistake.

611 |


1 day ago

Always remember: get out of debt, people. Don't be a slave to the system

99 |


1 day ago

Author also missed the fact, that US had banned Russian Federation from using both USD and EUR, by sanctioning Russian exchange directly.

100 |


4 days ago

Anyone remember why President Sadam Hussain, Iraq and Mouammar Ghadafi leader of Libya, had their life ended brutally ?

3.3K |


4 days ago

I remember when saddam no longer wanted the greenback for his oil....Iraq got a whole bunch of "freedom" in response.

2.4K |


1 day ago

I don’t know where you heard that the livre was the world reserve currency from 1720 to 1815. The currency of France was destroyed by the Mississippi Bubble in 1720. Adam Smith wrote in his book ‘The Wealth of Nation’s’ in 1776, that the British Pound was 1/6th silver, the French Pound and Penny was 1/66th silver. The devaluation of the French Currency is what led to so much poverty in pre-revolutionary France - hence the French Revolution!

66 |


1 day ago

As far as I can find, NOTHING on CNN or MSNBC about this.

95 |


3 days ago

If a country tried to get oil without using dollars, that country historically needed more freedom in their lives

795 |


3 days ago

The Saudi prince better increase his bodyguards and check his plane brakes.

592 |


15 hours ago

The world is about to change forever

11 |


22 hours ago

Delinking USD from gold was the beginning of the decline

17 |


4 days ago

It's hard to play the world's largest Ponzi game anymore.

1.1K |


3 days ago

US is famous for exporting Google ads and YouTubers.

456 |


1 day ago

I didn’t realize this had a set expiration and certainly didn’t realize it was expiring.

18 |


1 day ago

I Love how You are breaking things down

3 |


3 days ago

When you weaponize a currency, this was bound to happen.

572 |


4 days ago

I'm Saudi Arabian and i want to say that the petrodollar system used to benefit both Saudi Arabia and the United States. Unfortunately, times have changed, and so has the U.S. approach towards us. our agreement was simple oil for security. But now, it feels like the U.S. has been working against us. For example, when the Houthi terrorists were launching missiles at our cities, including our oil fields, the U.S. refused to sell us the weapons we needed to defend ourselves. This wasn’t just a one time incident. Time and again, when we needed support, the U.S. failed to come through. We pay huge amounts of money upfront to purchase American weapons. This money goes to the U.S. Defense Department, which then uses it to build the weapons we need. But instead of delivering these weapons to us as promised, the U.S. Senate blocks the deliveries and sends them to other countries like Ukraine. This has happened despite us already paying for them, and it has left us feeling betrayed. we’ve always relied on the U.S. for security. But now, their foreign policy is failing us. They refuse to cooperate on Middle Eastern issues and seem more interested in creating chaos rather than stability. With our security needs unmet , it’s only natural that we’re looking for new partners. That's why there's a shift towards China

1.2K |


1 day ago

Well said, clear and easy to understand.

2 |


17 hours ago

Very informative, your videos keep getting better and better.

1 |

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