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Top Comments of this video!! :3


4 days ago

dylan not realizing that henry is the same actor is killing me 💀

15K |


4 days ago

the fact that he missed one of the most crazy family trees in the entirety of television history

12K |


3 days ago

him not recognizing regina in the real world vs the fairytale one but immediately recognizing rumple is so funny to me

5.1K |


2 days ago

Dylan not thinking that STORYBOOK is fictional town in a show called ONCE UPON A TIME is wild

1K |


4 days ago

"What a weird pilot" my guy you have no idea how NORMAL this was compared to everything. I hope someone sends him the Once Upon a Time family tree

3.6K |


4 days ago

dylan’s inability to recognize the actors in the different worlds/timelines is so frustrating and funny at the same time

7.8K |


2 days ago

Him not catching on to all the different characters Rumple actually is, is hilarious. Not only is he Rumple AND The Beast, but he is also The Crocodile from Peter Pan lmao

884 |


3 days ago

I love how Dylan mocked Charming's haircut, knowing Regina does it too later in the serie. He would have loved her so much

613 |


4 days ago

19:41 “baby faced little assholes are the best characters” DYLAN WOULD’VE LOVED THE NEVERLAND/PAN ARC

14K |


4 days ago

The fact it's actually a Monday is crazy

7.6K |


2 days ago

Ngl... I would LOVE for Dylan to react to this show fully.

399 |


2 days ago

Captain Hook's revenge song lives in my head rent free. "Revenge? On whom? Just wait for the second verse,love."

450 |


4 days ago

“I don’t wanna hear about your struggles with fertility when I’m in a jail cell woken up from a car crash.” - Dylan 2024

8.7K |


4 days ago

season seven was such a detached season from the rest of the show😭😭 the real finale should’ve been the season six finale episode

5.2K |


3 days ago

Rumple is also the beast and also the crocodile that took Hook's hand. Many characters in the show were multiple characters from different stories. And they were all related somehow to each other!

259 |


3 days ago

Majority of the characters ended up being multiple fairytale characters hence the confusion around rumple being beast. I'm pretty sure Rumple was like 4 or 5 different fairytale characters which was pretty hard to keep track of but when you watch the show he's pretty much the MVP anyway so you just go with it.

190 |


4 days ago

I feel like ouat is a show that deserves a first and last of each individual season simply because of how the show worked

4.3K |


4 days ago

love how dylan predicted "this is gonna go one of two ways. either the kid has to come to terms with having 2 moms or the step mom is actually just pretending to be nice and is actually evil" and it's just quite literally BOTH 💀

3.3K |


3 days ago

There are a ton of storylines in this program that Dylan would absolutely adore, so please review it season by season.

213 |


3 days ago

9:41 when talking about the transitions between scenes, you also have to remember that this originally streamed on cable so there were ad breaks that also broke apart some of those scenes.

162 |

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