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A Difficult Game About Climbing - Part 1
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3,539,155 Views • Mar 30, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Much like Getting Over It, this game is going to be very difficult and very rage inducing. Yay!

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Views : 3,539,155
Genre: Gaming
Date of upload: Mar 30, 2024 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 weeks ago

“I’ve made my chair much more difficult to throw.”

12K |


2 weeks ago

And so it begins

54K |


11 days ago

"There doesn't seem to be any kind of a grip meter" my man is still having flashbacks to I Am Bread like ten years later lmao

1K |


13 days ago

Me: horrifying Unus Annus flashbacks

760 |


2 weeks ago

Fucking hell, he's doing rage games again, in a FUCKING dark room. Ah, the lovely flashbacks.

26K |


2 weeks ago

3:52 "This is weirdly satisfying. I'm not even having a bad time here." You heard'em guys. You heard the words.

14K |


2 weeks ago

Although it's extremely unlikely that Lixian would notice comment number eight thousand four hundred and twenty-nine, just in the off-chance he does: Good job Lixian! This was some top tier editing you did.

2.1K |


2 weeks ago

18:43 gives off "whats 17 more years? I can always start again" energy

472 |


2 weeks ago

I love that Mark remembers Bennett Foddy, but not the name of the game. Bennett's voice really fueled Marks hatred not for the game, not for the player, but for the maker and voice of the game, Bennett Foddy himself

6.9K |


2 weeks ago

Mark: I've been really stressed and I'm taking a break from content.

Also Mark the second he gets back: plays what is essentially Getting Over It Two

5.6K |


13 days ago

I feel like im back in my college dorm watching Mark get over it while I procrastinate on my homework. Now I am just procrastinating on my regular work, my how times change.

243 |


2 weeks ago

this character you play as legit has to most useless legs ever. but the strongest arms.

319 |


2 weeks ago

Mark is opening old wounds with the “oddly clothless man climbing something very high with no grip”

9.1K |


2 weeks ago

I mean, comparing this to his Getting Over It play through, he’s actually gotten a lot better at not letting frustration get the best of him. Shows real improvement of character.

2.6K |


11 days ago

Can we appreciate the Tony Hawks combo at 21:06 we love Lixian

100 |


11 days ago

“So I made my chair difficult to throw” good job mark. I hope he doesn’t flip out playing this game

59 |


2 weeks ago (edited)

"This is a difficult game about climbing..."
Chair: Sweats nervously

Chair: PANIC

5.5K |


2 weeks ago

Mark yelling "OASIS" unlocked some deep memory inside me... Like there was another channel where he did something with friends... And something something death, white and black, ticking clock...
Or was it just a dream?

5K |


12 days ago

mark: almost dies
also mark: produces the most beautiful sounds known to mankind

49 |


2 weeks ago (edited)

The Tony Hawk and skate sound effect to 360 falls was not something I thought I needed in life until today 😂

49 |

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