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EXTREME KITCHEN RENOVATION EP2 | Demo, Cathedral Ceiling & Doubling The Size
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277,621 Views • Mar 31, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
With our new kitchen design and floor plan in place we are ready to demo the old kitchen, have a structural engineer out to devise a plan to make two small spaces into one big one and figure out how to give us the highest ceilings possible all while crossing our fingers that we don’t run into any hiccups that will delay renovations.

Mega Builders - General Contractor (Tarzana, CA): bit.ly/megabuilders

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


3 months ago

The little kinsley sounds while you were talking to the contractor were the best boost of serotonin

680 |


3 months ago

Who has also been waaaiiiiiiting for this video?!! ❤

246 |


3 months ago

Romeo “I do not want to live in a construction zone ever again” - Macenna “sure, let’s just demo a whole third of the house as we wait for baby” love it! You guys have the best dynamic ⭐️

144 |


3 months ago

The choreography of those four builders manoeuvring those beams was a joy to watch! (I did worry for the guy at the back by the pool though 😱). Their progress is so rapid, amazing work. Also, shout out for the spring-day birdsong at the start of each day - a brilliant touch.

165 |


3 months ago

This reno is going to be amaze balls....I totally agree with you about your contractor , he is fantastic ( and he apparently has no issues working with a woman , he doesn't talk down to you , he explains what he's doing and listens to you when you talk to him ) , it's rare these days to find that good of a contractor.....and these guys are so clean , at the end of each day , everything is so tidy.....I'm so happy for you and Romeo.....it's going to be so beautiful....can't wait to see the rest....today it's Easter , so HAPPY EASTER

553 |


3 months ago

The experiece you gained with renovating the cottage shows in your interaction with the contractor and engineer.. It all goes so smoothly. Way to go!!!

177 |


3 months ago

Can we just have a moment to show our respect to these men and their incredible workmanship?!! It's just amazing to me that there are people who have these skills!! Incredible!

23 |


2 months ago

Those contractors are so amazing. Love how they talk and educate on the way, don’t get irritated by asking or telling your viewpoint, and clean everything before leaving. Hat off to such amazing professionals.

4 |


3 months ago

Honestly MaCenna, the level of editing alone keeps me coming back. Love your content. Been rocking with you for a while now. ❤

414 |


3 months ago

Boy did you hit the jackpot with your contractor/builder. Thanks to Drew for being the reference n test run for you. You have no idea the under qualified, unethical and just plain lazy people there are in the building world. You got a taste of it in Texas but all that was the typical everyday unreliability of sub contractors. I’m so relieved n happy for you. The Gods have smiled down on you n Romero!

869 |


3 months ago

I think maybe the small doorway you can see along the front wall of the house, is from a coat closet that would have been behind the front door. This is so much fun to watch, I'm very excited to see the rest of this series :)

104 |


3 months ago

Such a big difference!! I bet you'll practically live in that kitchen once it's done haha. The indoor-outdoor situation is going to be so nice

43 |


3 months ago

As a Hispanic person, seeing Hispanic men work on your house, I already know it’s going to be TOP NOTCH. Also, the diversity within the entire construction team is amazing. I have no doubt it’ll be one of the best renovations on this channel yet!

448 |


3 months ago

Never thought you could even closely reach the level of design like in your kitchen in the cottage. This will be differently than Texas but sooo beautiful! What a master design!

25 |


3 months ago

Drew’s contractor really worked out for you. He and his team are awesome!

30 |


3 months ago

So glad you included the parts of designing the actual structure (and the reasoning behind it). Really fascinating to see the "bones" of the build.

21 |


3 months ago

MaCenna I can't believe how fast it's going. These guys are speedy quick. It's going to be so fun to watch it all happen. I bet your mind is going a million miles an hour with ideas. I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

84 |


3 months ago

Your proving the old saying, “you don’t truly know a subject, unless you can teach it”. Loving watching them work and teach you new tricks/skills along the way

7 |


2 months ago

echoing all the love for your contractors but gosh I just can't get enough of your infatuation with your house and appreciation for what was and what is now, and really cherishing the character of your house.



2 months ago

I can't even express the amount of respect and admiration I have for builders and their expertise. I have a finished university education (in a field that also requires some practical work, but building/construction.. I can't even imagine!) and one of my biggest pet peeves is university students calling people in a difficult trade like this "uneducated". Builders have more education and skill in their little finger than most uni students will ever have!

2 |

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