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172 Views • May 6, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
As a huge solar tweaks user, I was so sad to see it disappear so suddently, even though i knew it was gonna happen. RIP solar tweaks, you'll be missed.



As of May 5th, 2023, Solar Tweaks will be ceasing operations and terminating access to the Solar Tweaks software for all users, in response to a cease and desist letter from Moonsworth, the company behind Lunar Client.

We acknowledge and understand the concerns raised by Moonsworth regarding our modification of Lunar Client code to enable freelook, remove pinned servers, and other features. We apologize for any negative impact our actions may have caused to Moonsworth or its intellectual property.

We will be removing all information regarding Solar Tweaks from our GitHub repository and any other publicly accessible forums or media. We will also provide a written guarantee to Moonsworth that all use of Lunar Client intellectual property, copyrights, Lunar Client Trade Dress, and/or trademarks in connection with Solar Tweaks and any other products associated therewith has been discontinued by us and will not resume in the future.

We want to make it clear that we have not earned any profits or sales from Solar Tweaks, and any donations we may have received were strictly voluntary with no benefits offered. We have no means of tracking these donations and cannot provide a full accounting of any income received.

Thank you to all our users for your support and interest in Solar Tweaks. We apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment caused by our decision to cease operations.

The Solar Tweaks Team
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1 year ago

I'm sad to see Solar Tweaks go. RIP solar tweaks, you'll be remembered by many.

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1 year ago

07 o\ /| /\ rip solar tweaks

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8 months ago

use crystal luncher bruh?

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1 year ago

how am i supposed to get lunar client cracked now?



8 months ago

whats your name before i dislike ?


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