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Hermitcraft 10: Ready for Business! | Episode 5
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354,095 Views β€’ Feb 24, 2024 β€’ Click to toggle off description
In this Hermitcraft episode, PearlescentMoon dresses up for business, shows the results of Demise, opens the post office for an official service launch with an interior and a new Shopping District concept is revealed!

Thank you to Livvv ( and Hoffen ( for the skin and model pieces!

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#minecraft #hermitcraft
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Views : 354,095
Genre: Gaming
Date of upload: Feb 24, 2024 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 month ago

I think Allays flying around the post office, picking things up and dropping them in other places could be a really fun, it would look like they were frantically sorting all the post

4.9K |


1 month ago

Seeing 3 adults so excited about a bag in minecraft is exactly the kind of wholesome joy I need in my life.

3.2K |


1 month ago

pearl, etho and tango are a trio that i didn't know i needed, but love so much! the post people!!

1.9K |


1 month ago

In two months top, Grian WILL be sending his blue snail through the mail. Dunno how, but I assure you he will do it

172 |


1 month ago

Something about seeing the PET postal workers all walking around with their mail bags at the permit handout really put a big smile on my face

467 |


1 month ago

The Hermitcraft server will be like an old war zone once demise is over. Lots of untriggered traps everywhere, forgotten until months later someone steps in the wrong place and dies unexpectedly.

518 |


1 month ago

Having IRL stickers of the Hermit stamps would be most excellent.

302 |


1 month ago

The bag is actually so amazing because:
A. The changung textures are wonderful. B. Its actually functional C. IT EVEN LOOKS NICE WHEN YOU'RE ON A HORSE

208 |


1 month ago

Pearl! Make sure you get a white horse to travel with when you need to travel mail to outside hermits pleeaaassseeee! It’ll match your promo! Would be fun to have a postal horse

877 |


1 month ago

β€œGrian is gonna need to by the Mumbo Pack….” this needs to be called the Mumbo Bundle πŸ˜‚

45 |


1 month ago

So... Etho has a bag of heads. The man's finally gone postal. Lmao

75 |


1 month ago

As a stamp collector, STEM teacher and lover of Minecraft, the season 10 postal system is a pure delight. Can't wait for your First Day of Issue ceremony!

60 |


1 month ago

I'm sure the fanart folks will have a whirl with this costume! The practical bag was a wonderful idea!^^

724 |


1 month ago

I believe the sounds from the head is because it’s an ocelot!

276 |


1 month ago (edited)

Pearl!! Doc has been doing several deals with other hermits that involve them getting a cut of his profits for his wood monopoly, he was speaking to Zed about how to delivery/pickup his payments, this sounds like a job for the mail lady!!
You should definitely speak to Doc about using the mail service to deliver diamonds to the hermits he is paying!

406 |


1 month ago

You can also implement trash bin into postal service.
Like, hermits would send their trash into separate mail box, which would automatically sort it.

421 |


1 month ago

The satchel bag is so cool, and would actually be a legitimately cool way for Mojang to implement the bundles idea. I think a lot more people would be interested in actually using them this way, since it's also cosmetic.

82 |


1 month ago

I love the way 5 am Pearl just seeps into every universe πŸ’™πŸ˜‚
The most wholesome friend falls to their death on stream ..... Pearl: "WAIT- YES"

204 |


1 month ago

The Ocelot sound is the clicky/chirpy sound that cats make when they're hunting. Apparently it attracts or mesmerizes birds and small mammals.

16 |


1 month ago

Sounds like the post office should certainly encourage people to "shop online" and get their wares shipped to them. Same with maybe adding a "printing press/marketing firm" building that offers to mail advertising to the hermits when a store is ready/restocked. ;)

61 |

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